Meet The 2016 MINI Cooper S Lineup At Braman MINI Of Palm Beach

February 04, 2016

What do you get when you take a MINI Cooper, add a dash of panache, a smattering of swagger, a dose of sportier handling, and a pound more performance? The answer is the new 2016 MINI Cooper S lineup at your preferred MINI Cooper new and used car dealership in West Palm Beach, Braman MINI of Palm Beach.

Your Fun Deserves An Upgrade

The MINI Cooper is already a fun-loving blast to drive. The diminutive MINI Cooper lineup perfectly blends its classic 60s British personality with BMW’s legendary performance and engineering, creating a free-spirited four-wheeled conveyance that loves to be playfully tossed around on twisting roads, or getting your heart beating a little faster when propelling down the interstate.


MINI Cooper S Two-Door Hardtop

The 2016 MINI Cooper S Two-Door Hardtop for sale in West Palm Beach at Braman MINI Palm Beach takes everything that you love about driving a MINI and amps it up several notches in the “fun-to-drive” department. The MINI Cooper S upgrades the standard 1.3-liter, 134-hp 3-cylinder engine with a more spirited 2.0-liter, direct-injected TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder engine with VALVETRONIC variable valve timing that pumps out an adrenaline-generating 189 hp and 207 lb.-ft. of torque. All of this pulse-quickening power flows through either a slick shifting 6-speed automatic or BMW’s silky smooth Steptronic automatic with available F1-style paddle shifters. Booyah!

The injection of all this extra horsepower in the MINI Cooper Two-Door Hardtop is immediate, resulting in 0-60 times in the 6.4-second range with a top speed of 146 miles per hour. The S variant’s tightly-tuned suspension gets its own tweaking for an even tauter, firmer, and more precise driving experience.

John Veolcker of says, “As it always has, the 2016 MINI car corners flat, and its tires feel sticky—its ‘glued to the road,’ as enthusiast magazines say–and it has one of the best electric power steering systems we’ve driven. The ride is better than before, while still firm, and the whole car is considerably quieter, which makes it less tiring to drive aggressively or over long distances. If you’re buying the car for flat-out acceleration runs, the Cooper S remains the fastest MINI…”

You can also dial in the MINI’s driving characteristics to suit road conditions or your personal tastes. Three different modes, Sport, Mid, or Green, let you toggle between more aggressive driving dynamics that tighten steering and throttle profile to more fuel-efficient motoring with a “coasting” feature that disengages the automatic transmission when your foot’s off the gas for better fuel economy. Or, twist the selector ring located around the shift knob to “Mid” for a more balanced approach between the two. The choice is yours. Standard “start/stop” technology that seamlessly shuts off and re-engages the engine at stop adds to the MINI Cooper’s excellent fuel efficiency. The MINI Cooper S equipped with the 6-speed gearbox comes in at a combined EPA-estimated 29 mpg.

The MINI Cooper S’ Dynamic Stability Control further enhances vehicle control by using sensors to measure steering angle, yaw, and lateral acceleration. All this means that when you take a corner, your MINI stays on course throughout the turn.


2016 MINI Cooper S Countryman

If you need a little bit more room than either the MINI Cooper S Two-Door or Four-Door Hardtops can afford, we’re happy to say that the larger, 5-passenger MINI Countryman Hatchback for sale in West Palm Beach at Braman MINI of Palm Beach also comes in a Cooper S sports model as well. The Cooper S MINI Countryman brings more to the party with a bigger interior and a go-anywhere, do-anything attitude, thanks to the available “ALL4” all-wheel drive. Let’s just say this: if a MINI Cooper Countryman equipped with ALL4 all-wheel drive can win the grueling Paris-To-Dakar Rally four times, we think it will handle just about anything you or Mother Nature can throw at it.

The MINI Countryman also features Sport Mode that tweaks the car’s settings for even faster acceleration, quicker shift points, and tighter steering. MacPherson struts in the front and performance-tuned rear multi-link suspension helps to deliver world-class handling.


More Room. More Performance. More Fun: 2016 MINI Clubman

It’s not much of a stretch to say that the all-new, 6-door 2016 MINI Clubman at Braman MINI Palm Beach stretches the “mini” shape of the Cooper to a new dimension of spacious versatility. The largest and most sophisticated MINI ever, the MINI Clubman for sale in West Palm Beach goes large with comfortable seating for five, upmarket premium materials, and increased cargo capacity. The Clubman’s signature Split Rear Doors open wide for easy access to its copious 47.9 cubic feet of cargo volume.

The Cooper S version of the MINI Clubman adds a sportier feel and “go-kart-like” handling characteristics that beg to be driven. The Clubman’s TwinPower Turbo engine delivers a responsive 189 horsepower and 207 lb.-ft. of torque through a new BMW-sourced 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission that is a rarity in its class. The result is a bigger MINI on the outside and inside that handles and performs just as impeccably as its smaller siblings.

Unconventional Style Meets Unconventional Performance

Regardless of which MINI Cooper S model you choose, you’re getting a car that combines legendary performance and handling with an unconventional style that’s all its own. The Cooper’s funky retro styling made famous in the classic car-chase movie “The Italian Job,” gets a fresh makeover without losing any of its unmistakable appearance. You can also customize your MINI Cooper S with a mind-boggling array of exterior color schemes, sports wheels, racing stripes, and just about any combination of accessories and flavors to suit your individual lifestyle.

On the inside, the MINI Cooper S’ unique interior remains true to the original with toggle switches, circular gauges, and a large round information display in the center of the dash setting the Cooper’s interior apart from anything else on the road. You’ll also appreciate the outstanding Old World British craftsmanship that, combined BMW’s prodigious German engineering, creates a cabin that is comfortable, quiet, and ergonomically correct in every aspect. “Simply brilliant,” as our friends across the pond would most surely say.

Tech That’s Big On Features

Plus, you’re also getting a car that’s as tech-savvy as they come. The available MINI Connected infotainment suite features a high-resolution display that seamlessly integrates your technology into your MINI. Customize your technology experience with apps like Spotify® and Pandora®. You can even attach a GoPro® camera to record your next MINI adventure. Journey Mate, an available MINI exclusive, acts as your own personal trip planner, integrating real-time traffic, weather, gas mileage, and more.

The MINI’s available Parking Assistant utilizes advanced sensors that will size up potential parking spots and then takes over to automatically steer your MINI into the parking space, prompting you to apply the gas or the brakes. Think of it as your own personal Star Trek®-like tractor beam gently nudging you into the docking bay.

A Huge Commitment to Safety

While the MINI Cooper S may be petite in terms of its dimensions, there’s nothing small about its extensive standard and advanced safety features. Eight dual-stage airbags surround you in safety. The Cooper’s ultra-rigid body with multi-phase steel frame fortified with nanoparticles protects you and your passengers by reducing body torque which also improves handling.

A jet-fighter like available Heads Up Display (HUD) projects vital vehicle information such as navigation instructions, speed, and other alerts right in front of you. Adaptive cruise control uses an onboard camera to maintain a set distance between yourself and the car ahead of you. Advanced brakes prepare themselves for an emergency stop if you suddenly take your foot off the accelerator and can even dry themselves off in wet weather. And corner brake control balances brake pressure amongst all four wheels to improve cornering. These features help earn the MINI a top IIHS safety rating.

If you’re ready to take your MINI driving experience to the max, then check out the exhilarating new 2016 MINI Cooper S models for sale in West Palm Beach at Braman MINI Palm Beach. Because an extra dose of fun never hurt anyone.

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