MINI Cooper S

  • The Mini Cooper S Engine brings unique features to the table.
    The Mini Cooper S engine has garnered a reputation for delivering an exhilarating driving experience packed into a stylish, compact frame. Known for its iconic British design and agile handling, the Mini Cooper S stands out as a popular choice among urban drivers and car enthusiasts alike. In this blog post, we will dive deep
  • mini cooper with american flag
    All American Mini: It’s in the Flag The Mini Cooper S 20 Years Edition replaces the typical Union Jack theme with an American flag theme in commemoration of the car’s 20th anniversary of being sold in the United States. After being in the automotive market for 43 years, the British marque – Mini (owned by
  • John Cooper Works upgrades
    When you think of a fun car to drive – think MINI. Zipping around town or out in the country in a MINI gives you fun and flexibility. In town, it is easy to park; out in the country, you get great gas mileage. When looking at a MINI, there are some differences between MINI
  • MINI Cooper SE Electric, electric MINI Cooper | Braman MINI in West Palm Beach, Florida
    MINI tends to have a lot of fans. Most will be happy to tell you how amazing these cars are thanks to the fact that they get great gas mileage, they’re incredibly affordable, and they have a serious resale value, but like every other brand today, MINI is looking to head in a different direction.
  • MINI Cooper S | MINI Cooper 3 Door | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida
    Were the MINI Cooper S vs. Ford Fiesta ST drag race results on Top Gear accurate? Of course they were: it’s a real race, it happened in reality, it’s on video. They were also a foregone conclusion because of one key oversight. Had they used the MINI Cooper 3 door instead of the 5 door
  • MINI Cooper Hardtop Interior in Palm Beach, Florida
    MINI Coopers are quick, fun, a bit flashy, but in a great way. They don’t boast about their luxury, they carry that secret only for those who know the truth about MINIs. They aren’t about showcasing all their high-end delights. Rather, MINI waits for people to come to them and provides that surprise to all
  • What do you expect from a dealership when it comes to MINI Cooper deals? What sort of MINIs do you expect to find? Used? New? Are you looking for a MINI Cooper S for sale? Or do you just need to look at a grand selection, perform some test drives, and decide from there? So
  • If you’re in India, you may soon have access to a MINI Cooper S. Reported to be launching soon, the people of India will soon be able to find the MINI Cooper S for sale and drive it throughout the country. MINI always enjoys expanding to other locations, and getting set in India can be
  • Anyone would have a great time cruising around the country in a MINI Cooper S. No doubt about it. Their fun, compact style and all the power under the hood make it the perfect complement to any road trip. The guys over at Top Gear decided to do just that; take the MINI Cooper S