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John Cooper Works upgrades

How Different Is a MINI JCW from a MINI Cooper S?

When you think of a fun car to drive – think MINI. Zipping around town or out in the country in a MINI gives you fun and flexibility. In town, it is easy to park; out in the country, you get great gas mileage. When looking at a MINI, there are some differences between MINI John Cooper Works and the MINI Cooper S.

How different is a MINI JCW from a MINI Cooper S?

The simple answer is a lot and not very much. 

MINI is known for being a little mighty car. It is fast. Very fast. How fast? Well, winning three Monte Carlo races is part of its bragging rights amongst its 16 racing victories. Its simple suspension and front-wheel drive help make quick turns without problems of lag or spinout. The MINI Cooper S is based on the original classic version of the MINI. The MINI JCW is an homage to the creator John Cooper. In the John Cooper Works, MINI engineers went through 25 different exhaust systems until they found the sound they were looking for.

The MINI JCW has a more defined structural visual body. The front and rear bumpers are mainly where you will see the difference. Of course, there are differences in trims between the JCW and the Cooper S. When it comes to speed, there are differences but without a stopwatch, you wouldn’t be able to tell. The difference is less than one second. Only by looking at the list of specifications will you be able to tell the difference between the JCW and the Cooper S. There is more horsepower, 27 more to be exact, in the JCW. The JCW boasts 148 mph and in the Cooper S 138 mph. Both the MINI JCW and the MINI Cooper S are fun cars that turn heads when seen on the road.

If you are looking for a car that is fun to own and drive, then a MINI might be for you, contact Braman MINI of Miami to discuss your next car.

MINI Cooper SE Electric, electric MINI Cooper | Braman MINI in West Palm Beach, Florida

MINI Cooper SE Electric Preliminary Specs

MINI tends to have a lot of fans. Most will be happy to tell you how amazing these cars are thanks to the fact that they get great gas mileage, they’re incredibly affordable, and they have a serious resale value, but like every other brand today, MINI is looking to head in a different direction. The MINI Cooper SE Electric is that new direction for the company, and the preliminary specs on this model make it look like something nearly every fan will crave. The electric MINI Cooper may even bring a few new fans to the brand.

A Closer Look at the Specs

In early March, MINI hosted what is sure to be the first of many press conferences about the SE, and the preliminary details look absolutely impressive. Range is what many look at when they think electric car, and this one is little different. At the moment, they’re suggesting 120 miles of electric range, but whether that’s based on WLTP standards or EPA ratings is not yet clear, and those can be two very different metrics.

Either way, that range likely comes from the fact that the car weighs just 1360 kg with a front to rear weight distribution of 54/46. The center of gravity has been lowered by at least 12 percent for this model.

Usable battery capacity is also one of the most important specs as you think about this new rollout, and here, it makes the car feel very similar to its conventional counterpart. Manufactured by the Chinese firm CATL, the battery offers a capacity of 29 kWh, delivering about 181 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque.

Coming in at just 200 kg, the battery is fairly small and it fits neatly in the space that this model previously released for its exhaust and transmission tunnel. Charge time is just 40 minutes using a DC fast charger.

This electric MINI Cooper doesn’t sacrifice speed for its green nature. It can hit sixty-two in seven to eight seconds, making it both beautiful and fast in traffic.

The MINI Cooper SE Electric doesn’t become available until the first quarter of 2020, so until then, you may just have to look forward to more press releases from MINI.

MINI Cooper S | MINI Cooper 3 Door | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida

MINI Cooper S Drag Race Results

Were the MINI Cooper S vs. Ford Fiesta ST drag race results on Top Gear accurate? Of course they were: it’s a real race, it happened in reality, it’s on video. They were also a foregone conclusion because of one key oversight. Had they used the MINI Cooper 3 door instead of the 5 door model – like they did for the Ford – the fight would have been a fairer comparison.

Three-Door vs. Five-Door?!?

On paper, you can already tell who’s going to win. The MINI Cooper S 5 door model accelerates from 0-62 mph in 6.9 seconds. The Ford Fiesta ST accelerates in 6.7 seconds. It has slightly more horsepower (although translating into less torque) and it weighs just a touch less.

This is because the Ford Fiesta ST that was raced is a three-door. The MINI Cooper that it squared off against was a five-door. There’s a version of the Fiesta that’s a 5 door model – why not use that? Or use the MINI Cooper 3 door.

Viewers Deserve More

Truth be told, either of the 3 door models is going to perform better than the 5 door ones. Perhaps it was an oversight by the Top Gear crew to run unlike cars against each other. Perhaps those were just the cars they could get hold of that day. It’s certainly understandable, but it leaves open the question which car would really win in an even drag race of like models.

A few reviewers have found the MINI Cooper 3 door has the same acceleration as the Ford Fiesta ST, so not only would that race be fairer, it would also be more exciting. The viewers deserve at least that much. A 3-door beating a 5-door in like models isn’t really a mindblowing occurrence. It doesn’t show anything, and the whole point of a comparison like that is to show some kind of real result.

What Would a Rematch Look Like?

The two 3-door models should see their day at the dragstrip. The 3-door MINI Cooper S outperforms the 5 door model. Given how close MINI’s 5 door already was to Ford’s 3 door, you’ve got to think MINI Cooper S 3 door could bring some serious game to that match-up. Hopefully we get to see it one day.

Meet The 2016 MINI Cooper S Lineup At Braman MINI Of Palm Beach

What do you get when you take a MINI Cooper, add a dash of panache, a smattering of swagger, a dose of sportier handling, and a pound more performance? The answer is the new 2016 MINI Cooper S lineup at your preferred MINI Cooper new and used car dealership in West Palm Beach, Braman MINI of Palm Beach.

Your Fun Deserves An Upgrade

The MINI Cooper is already a fun-loving blast to drive. The diminutive MINI Cooper lineup perfectly blends its classic 60s British personality with BMW’s legendary performance and engineering, creating a free-spirited four-wheeled conveyance that loves to be playfully tossed around on twisting roads, or getting your heart beating a little faster when propelling down the interstate.

2016-mini-cooper-s-two-door-hard-top-braman-mini-palm-beach Continue reading

MINI Cooper Hardtop Interior in Palm Beach, Florida

Cruise the Coast in a New MINI Cooper S Hardtop in Palm Beach

MINI Coopers are quick, fun, a bit flashy, but in a great way. They don’t boast about their luxury, they carry that secret only for those who know the truth about MINIs. They aren’t about showcasing all their high-end delights. Rather, MINI waits for people to come to them and provides that surprise to all those that decide to drive a MINI. So why haven’t you visited a MINI dealer lately?

A brand new MINI Cooper S Hardtop is hard to beat. With its compact, yet spacious design, it’s a smart car that provides you with the kind of design you want, along with excellent gas mileage and an intuitive driving experience. Once you sit inside a MINI, you’ll never want to sit anywhere else. The MINI Cooper S Hardtop is a nimble vehicle with a lot of pep in its step and intelligent designs. From the ability to park itself to featuring Green Mode and bursting forth in turbo any time you like, this car is a funhouse on wheels with all the best things you could ever want in a MINI.

From the handcrafted design to the ability to connect with all your devices, it’s really hard to ignore how amazing the MINI Cooper S Hardtop is. Dozens of colors, ergonomic design, and a whole lot of fun to drive, you should check in with a Braman MINI dealer and get a test drive to discover just what you’ve been missing from the world of MINI. Take your time. Play with the various features and ask questions. It can be an enlightening experience to discover just how fascinating and forward-thinking MINI has become – in case you weren’t already aware. But when it comes to actually driving this MINI, you’ll have a blast. How can you not? Everything about MINI is made to give the driver a fantastic experience, and you’ll come away wondering how you’ve owned anything but a MINI for so long.

Great MINI Cooper Deals Available in Palm Beach

What do you expect from a dealership when it comes to MINI Cooper deals? What sort of MINIs do you expect to find? Used? New? Are you looking for a MINI Cooper S for sale? Or do you just need to look at a grand selection, perform some test drives, and decide from there? So much can go into choosing a new car, but one of the main things people are always on the lookout for are fantastic specials that make coming out to choose a car easily worth their while.

Whether you want a MINI Cooper S for sale or another model, checking out Braman MINI in the Palm Beach area should be your first stop. You’ll be happy to see that their selection is vast as well as varied. With so many different MINIs to choose from, it may take you some time to pick out the perfect MINI. But don’t worry – with the highly trained and knowledgeable staff at Braman MINI, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices in no time. You’ll soon realize which MINIs you prefer, what interior features you want, as well as discovering how they feel when you go out for a test drive.

MINI Cooper deals can also be found at Braman, as they always have something to bring to customers when it comes to excellent pricing. From great deals on used MINI Coopers to enticing leasing options, there are dozens of ways for you to get the MINI you want. You can’t go wrong when you shop with Braman MINI – and previous customers from all walks of life can attest to Braman’s deals as well as professionalism and wonderful customer service.

Check out their website today to find out what current MINI Cooper deals are available, and if you have questions, you can use the online chat to speak with a Braman representative. In no time, you’ll feel at ease and looking to get that new MINI Cooper in your driveway.

MINI Cooper S is Headed to India

Yellow MINI Cooper S at auto show

If you’re in India, you may soon have access to a MINI Cooper S. Reported to be launching soon, the people of India will soon be able to find the MINI Cooper S for sale and drive it throughout the country. MINI always enjoys expanding to other locations, and getting set in India can be a huge step – a bigger market for them and plenty of people who are excited to see MINI roll into the country with such a great car.

The MINI Cooper S will be powered by a 2 liter engine that brings out 189 hp and will include a 6-speed automatic transmission. Currently the reports say that the MINI Cooper S will only be available in a 3-door hatchback design, but that’s not likely to stop anyone from picking up a MINI if they really want it. It’s a fantastic-looking car, and folks outside of India are already well aware of how great a car it is. Those looking to enjoy MINI without having to go to great distances to get their hands on one will finally be able to snag a pair of keys and enjoy all it has to offer.

If you’re looking for a MINI Cooper S for sale, you don’t need to look much further than your own backyard. You may even be able to find a pre-owned MINI Cooper in South Florida. The folks at Braman MINI are more than happy to help you find your favorite MINI so you can take one home yourself and enjoy the sight of it in your driveway each and every day. Take advantage of having MINIs nearby at great prices and visit a Braman MINI dealership today to test drive a few to find just the right one – whether it’s a MINI Cooper S or something entirely different.

Top Gear Takes the MINI Cooper S for a Roadtrip

Top Gear MINI Cooper S Adventure

Anyone would have a great time cruising around the country in a MINI Cooper S. No doubt about it. Their fun, compact style and all the power under the hood make it the perfect complement to any road trip. The guys over at Top Gear decided to do just that; take the MINI Cooper S on a road trip – but not just any road trip. They decided to take the MINI through 1,600 miles across the Atacama Desert, from the Chilean capital of Santiago to the Peruvian border.

It’s a fascinating stretch of road, and the kind of thing that can get a fan of road-tripping excited. Llamas linger in many places, watching drivers pass on by. The Atacama Desert itself is a wide expanse of near-nothingness. It’s empty and dry – so dry, in fact, that there are some areas that haven’t seen rain for – hold onto your MINI steering wheel – half a millennium. Because there isn’t much of a population in such a desolate place, you can’t expect a lot of gas stations or resting places. This isn’t where you want your car to decide to quit.

The MINI Cooper S, in the hands of the Top Gear gents, took that road like there was nothing different about it. They zipped on by the four mile-high volcanoes and salt pans. They passed by numerous trucks hauling supplies from one end of the desert to the other. They stopped and took a few pictures. There are a few areas where people have collected to bring civilization to the wilds, but when you really hit the desert, you hit the desert.

It should come as no surprise that the MINI Cooper S handled itself well in all situations. After all, MINI likes to test their cars rigorously in all conditions. And they’ll take those conditions to the extreme. Anyone with the right supplies on hand and a MINI in excellent, well-taken care of shape should be able to handle those 1,600 miles with aplomb.