MINI Cooper SE Electric Preliminary Specs

May 05, 2019
MINI Cooper SE Electric, electric MINI Cooper | Braman MINI in West Palm Beach, Florida

MINI tends to have a lot of fans. Most will be happy to tell you how amazing these cars are thanks to the fact that they get great gas mileage, they’re incredibly affordable, and they have a serious resale value, but like every other brand today, MINI is looking to head in a different direction. The MINI Cooper SE Electric is that new direction for the company, and the preliminary specs on this model make it look like something nearly every fan will crave. The electric MINI Cooper may even bring a few new fans to the brand.

A Closer Look at the Specs

In early March, MINI hosted what is sure to be the first of many press conferences about the SE, and the preliminary details look absolutely impressive. Range is what many look at when they think electric car, and this one is little different. At the moment, they’re suggesting 120 miles of electric range, but whether that’s based on WLTP standards or EPA ratings is not yet clear, and those can be two very different metrics.

Either way, that range likely comes from the fact that the car weighs just 1360 kg with a front to rear weight distribution of 54/46. The center of gravity has been lowered by at least 12 percent for this model.

Usable battery capacity is also one of the most important specs as you think about this new rollout, and here, it makes the car feel very similar to its conventional counterpart. Manufactured by the Chinese firm CATL, the battery offers a capacity of 29 kWh, delivering about 181 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque.

Coming in at just 200 kg, the battery is fairly small and it fits neatly in the space that this model previously released for its exhaust and transmission tunnel. Charge time is just 40 minutes using a DC fast charger.

This electric MINI Cooper doesn’t sacrifice speed for its green nature. It can hit sixty-two in seven to eight seconds, making it both beautiful and fast in traffic.

The MINI Cooper SE Electric doesn’t become available until the first quarter of 2020, so until then, you may just have to look forward to more press releases from MINI.

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