MINI Cooper S is Headed to India

March 06, 2015

Yellow MINI Cooper S at auto show

If you’re in India, you may soon have access to a MINI Cooper S. Reported to be launching soon, the people of India will soon be able to find the MINI Cooper S for sale and drive it throughout the country. MINI always enjoys expanding to other locations, and getting set in India can be a huge step – a bigger market for them and plenty of people who are excited to see MINI roll into the country with such a great car.

The MINI Cooper S will be powered by a 2 liter engine that brings out 189 hp and will include a 6-speed automatic transmission. Currently the reports say that the MINI Cooper S will only be available in a 3-door hatchback design, but that’s not likely to stop anyone from picking up a MINI if they really want it. It’s a fantastic-looking car, and folks outside of India are already well aware of how great a car it is. Those looking to enjoy MINI without having to go to great distances to get their hands on one will finally be able to snag a pair of keys and enjoy all it has to offer.

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