Cruise the Coast in a New MINI Cooper S Hardtop in Palm Beach

August 26, 2015
MINI Cooper Hardtop Interior in Palm Beach, Florida

MINI Coopers are quick, fun, a bit flashy, but in a great way. They don’t boast about their luxury, they carry that secret only for those who know the truth about MINIs. They aren’t about showcasing all their high-end delights. Rather, MINI waits for people to come to them and provides that surprise to all those that decide to drive a MINI. So why haven’t you visited a MINI dealer lately?

A brand new MINI Cooper S Hardtop is hard to beat. With its compact, yet spacious design, it’s a smart car that provides you with the kind of design you want, along with excellent gas mileage and an intuitive driving experience. Once you sit inside a MINI, you’ll never want to sit anywhere else. The MINI Cooper S Hardtop is a nimble vehicle with a lot of pep in its step and intelligent designs. From the ability to park itself to featuring Green Mode and bursting forth in turbo any time you like, this car is a funhouse on wheels with all the best things you could ever want in a MINI.

From the handcrafted design to the ability to connect with all your devices, it’s really hard to ignore how amazing the MINI Cooper S Hardtop is. Dozens of colors, ergonomic design, and a whole lot of fun to drive, you should check in with a Braman MINI dealer and get a test drive to discover just what you’ve been missing from the world of MINI. Take your time. Play with the various features and ask questions. It can be an enlightening experience to discover just how fascinating and forward-thinking MINI has become – in case you weren’t already aware. But when it comes to actually driving this MINI, you’ll have a blast. How can you not? Everything about MINI is made to give the driver a fantastic experience, and you’ll come away wondering how you’ve owned anything but a MINI for so long.

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