Here’s What the Next-Gen Mini Cooper is Starting to Look Like

February 17, 2023
next-gen mini cooper

The new Mini Cooper spied photos offer car enthusiasts insight into what the manufacturer is gearing up to launch as the upcoming model. Photographs of the next-gen Mini Cooper reveal what people have been speculating about over the past few years. Those looking for their ideal Mini Cooper might be interested in learning about the new model.

Next-Gen Mini Cooper Design

Mini has stuck to the same design synonymous with Mini Cooper over the past decade. As a result, first-time and seasoned customers will feel right at home with the new versions of the Mini Cooper cruising around Florida.

The future electric vehicles have similar exterior and interior designs, with a few minor tweaks. For example, the electric version of the next-gen Mini Cooper has a closed front grill for better aerodynamics. The gas-powered model has a functional grill for cooling.

Not much is visible in the camouflage-wrapped spy shots. However, it is clear the new model will have a redesigned rear hatch to accommodate the new taillights.

Is the Electric Version as Good as the ICE Version

It is hard to say how the performance of the EV version will compare to the ICE alternative. The power figures of both versions are still unconfirmed.

Experts expect that the top trim of the electric vehicle will have around 181 hp with a range of up to 114 miles on a full charge. The gas-powered Mini Coopers will have a mild hybrid system to improve performance and reduce emissions.

Should You Buy the Next-Gen Mini Cooper

Knowing what car you want is challenging for many people. If you feel the next-gen Mini Cooper is the right car for you, there are many factors to consider. The improved reliability of EVs and the accessibility of charging stations make them a viable option. It means Mini Cooper lovers near West Palm Beach, Florida, have more options.

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