Customizing a Mini Cooper: Your Edition

October 05, 2022
cutomizing a mini

The New Mini Cooper trims are not one size fits all vehicles hence the urge to customize. There are various options, from cosmetic and performance enhancements for your new Mini. Attaining the best Mini Cooper entails seeking out different trim levels and optional upgrades. Mini Palm Beach is determined to assist in customizing your Mini Cooper through the following tips. Have you thought about customizing a Mini? Read on.

Choose the Right Trim

Identifying the best trim is the beginning, and once you select one, you can consider customizing it into either classic, signature, or iconic configurations. A 6.5-inch color display, MINI Driving Modes, and LED headlights are examples of traditional choices. Keyless entry, heated driver and shotgun seats, touchscreen displays, panoramic sunroofs, and these features are all part of the signature configuration. The Mini Cooper’s famous options may deliver top-tier experiences thanks to extras like a 19-inch alloy wheel, first-rate leather interior, and a sophisticated navigation system with Apple CarPlay compatibility.

Consider MINI Cooper technology customization options.

Mini Palm Beach will focus on technology features while customizing your New Mini Cooper. Customers can select from various trims and configure options or buy add-on features. For instance, there is a sport package that enhances suspension. Second, customers have the option to add the useful Click and Drive system with a universal holder to secure their smartphones. You can add a SiriusXM satellite radio or a Harman/Kardon sound system to your new MINI Cooper stereo system.

Safety customization features

When picking a luxury-class trim and configuration, MINI Cooper offers a wide selection of modern driver-assist technologies while never compromising on safety features for its various trims. A camera-based Active Driver Assistant that sends forward collision warnings and an automatic emergency braking system are some of the safety features you may add to your MINI.

Mini Palm Beach has different customization options for MINI Cooper customers. Contact us today to be enlightened on the new features you can include in your New Mini Cooper.

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