MINI Remastered: Rock ‘n Roll Trunk

May 18, 2022
black mini front grill, mini remastered

British boutique automaker David Brown Automotive has continued with his tradition of making posh cars, and this time he has created a new Mini model, known as the Mini Remastered Marshall Edition. Partnering with Marshall Amplification, David Brown decided to celebrate the music brand’s 60th anniversary with a Mini Remastered special edition. Essentially, the iconic Mini comes with the music brand’s colors, aesthetic features, and lots of retro rock and roll touches. Celebrate 60 years of loud!


Unlike the other David Brown Automotive Collection of Mini Remastered models, the Marshall Edition has exotic visual accents, both on the outside and inside. So far, the five dozen Remastered Minis have received the exclusive Marshall black paint for the exterior that accentuates the dark chrome and the Marshall gold paint accents that have been linked to the music brand. The Minis also receive pinstripes, a hand-painted coach line, along with the Marshall branding on the doors. The front reveals a small grille, but it is designed to look very much like Marshall’s audio equipment.

There are hints of Marshall’s favorite color that extend beyond the regular paint with the 12-inch black wheels receiving a tinge of gold accent and the Marshall’s gold M logo on the center caps. In addition, the handmade badges are also finished in enamel that is Marshall gold.

In the interior, Marshall and David Brown Automotive continue with the same gold and black music-inspired branding. The dash, switchgear, center console, doors, and hand brake all have the same gold accent finish. 

Even the pedals, including the clutch, acceleration, and brake, have gold features engraved. There is also gold stitching on the black leather seats, which also have a Marshall logo embroidered.


This Mini Cooper with amp in the trunk comes with nice audio upgrades that go beyond the traditional system and include dash-mounted speakers. In addition, inside the glove compartment, you will find a Motif ANC wireless earbud with charging ports.

The most impressive feature of the Mini Remastered, however, can be found in the trunk- it contains a fully integrated Marshall DSL 1 Combo amplifier with its own power supply. And, if you are in the mood for going mobile, there is also a portable Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker.

The Mini comes with a small 1.3 Liter A series engine and a 5-speed manual gearbox. Although, the Mini Cooper with amp in the trunk was not meant for practicality, just for having fun on Friday or Saturday nights outside the local club or bar. Some of the proceeds from the sales of the Mini Cooper with amp in the trunk will be donated to a music venue trust that supports independent concerts.


David Brown Automotive has said that only 60 such editions will be manufactured. The automotive company is known for extravagance and extreme poshness; therefore, do not expect the Marshall Special Edition to be cheap. More likely the Mini will be in the range of $100K.  The Marshal Edition will be hand-built in Silverstone, UK, and will be only available in the UK.

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