Some of the Coolest Features From the New Mini Model

June 15, 2023

The world’s hippest touring cars just upped the cool factor, with new MINI designs that are as fun to handle as they are feature rich — more features, in fact, than ever before in the little giant’s one-of-a-kind history. Take a spin with Braman MINI Palm Beach, and explore some of the new MINI models features now on their way to eager transatlantic audiences.

New MINI Model Features Galore

At the heart of MINI’s new design is “Charismatic Simplicity,” a design language emphasizing greater UX while making each new model exceptionally unique. They’re also taking the “sustainability” grandiloquence to heart, and wearing that heart on their sleeve with leather-free interiors, electric powertrains, and a total replacement of chrome features with less costly alternatives.

They’ve also designed features with what they’ve termed the user’s “emotional experience” in mind, leveraging the increased space afforded by electric motors for more comfort-oriented amenities. New MINI features are also ratcheting performance up a notch, with several exterior design elements that improve aerodynamics for increased range and greater top speeds.

Some of the features are purely cosmetic, such as an optional third spoke on the steering wheel, and a unique (as always) diamond-stitch pattern on higher-end trims. They’ve also taken their time updating their trend-setting circular center display, signaling new infotainment features are likely to come.

While not every feature is destined to improve performance, they certainly are — like the 255 available color tones — ultimately very cool.

Explore the New MINI Designs at Braman MINI Palm Beach

The new MINI model features are capitalizing on the big-name brand’s defining qualities (besides their record-shattering performance in the 1966 Gallaher 500), amplifying their quintessential charm more than ever.

MINI’s novelty and fun-loving individuality never fail to put a smile on the face of passersby, and with the new line of characteristically simple designs, thrill-seekers will enjoy improved comfort and performance whether in the driver or passenger seat (or even the uncharacteristically spacious back seats on MINI’s new non-convertible models).

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