Braman MINI Cooper Accessories

January 10, 2015

MINI Cooper Accessories & Gifts

When you love something, quite often you’ll be more than excited to support it and invest in other items that represent what you love. In this case, when you love MINI Cooper vehicles, and the brand in general, you may be rather excited to learn that they also offer other accessories that you can use in everyday life situations – all while supporting something that you truly love.

MINI Cooper makes many different items, from models of their most classic cars to simple items that you might find in anyone’s home. The difference? The showcasing of MINI’s logo and name, as well as higher craftsmanship than you’re likely to find in something you’d buy at any store.

MINI Accessories Sale!

Right now you can find several items for sale at the Braman MINI MINI Umbrella with pop artCooper accessories site. Need an umbrella? Then save almost $10 off on the Pop Style Travel Umbrella. This MINI umbrella features Warhol style paintings of MINI vehicles. Bright and chipper, it can help battle those sad rain blues as you stroll through the city beneath it. Or perhaps you need something to carry your travel goods, sports equipment, or other items? The MINI duffle bag is currently $10, fashioned in a stylish retro-look in bold green, and, of course, with MINI right on the side for you.

MINI Dog Collar with Checkered Flag DesignInterested in pet essentials? Yes, MINI even makes fun things for your pets, allowing them to help show off your love for MINI as well. The MINI dog collar and dog leash are currently 10 percent off, with a fun MINI-styled pattern on the material. It’s perfect for any dog that likes to go fast or dogs full of excitement to match the MINI sense of speed and thrills.

These are just a few of the deals going on – remember that all offers end on January 31st! To see all the MINI parts and accessories you’ll love, visit!

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