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  • There’s nothing like having a brand new car in your possession. The joy of cruising down the palm tree-lined streets, the smooth roll of the tires, the powerful engine rumbling under the hood, the feel of soft leather in the seats, and the grip of the steering wheel in your hands. All of it comes
  • What do you expect from a dealership when it comes to MINI Cooper deals? What sort of MINIs do you expect to find? Used? New? Are you looking for a MINI Cooper S for sale? Or do you just need to look at a grand selection, perform some test drives, and decide from there? So
  • MINI car sales are always on the mind of someone who loves the MINI brand. MINI cars are fantastic – from their powerful zip to their eye-catching appeal. Who wouldn’t want to own a brand new MINI? Then again, given how well people take care of their MINIs and the extensive way a good dealership
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  • Sneaky car paparazzi have managed to snap some photos of the new and upcoming 2016 MINI Cooper S Clubman. Lucky for the rest of us, MINI likes to test out their cars at places such as the Nürburgring. That way they can see how the engine performs as well as a myriad of other elements
  • MINI Cooper lease deals in West Palm Beach, Florida are ready and waiting for you this May. The time is perfect for picking up a new MINI, too. With the warm weather finally coming in to settle in the palm trees and the roads open under the sun, what better time is there to cruise
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