• A toy Mini Cooper car parked on black and white retro tile getting 2024 Mini Cooper service maintenance.
    Are you a proud owner of a Mini Cooper, or perhaps considering joining the Mini Cooper family? Either way, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your Mini Cooper is crucial. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of 2024 Mini Cooper service, offering insights into the exceptional maintenance services available at
  • Mini Cooper 2019 Oxford Edition
    For young buyers, the new car purchase process can seem shady and stressful – from sales associates who are either too pushy or act as though you’re wasting their time, to products with price tags that astronomically rise with every option – it’s no wonder many prefer to buy used or forgo individual transportation altogether.
  • Palm Beach MINI Dealership | Braman MINI
    Winter is phasing out, but you’ve still got plenty of time before those cooler temperatures roll in. That means there’s still plenty of time to get your hands on the keys of a MINI Roadster, and your local Braman Palm Beach MINI dealership can help you. The MINI Roadster is an exciting little car, hugging
  • As your premier MINI new and used car dealership in West Palm Beach, we here at Braman MINI of Palm Beach love the holidays. One of our favorite holiday songs is “The 12 Days of Christmas.” So, inspired by this beloved tune, we came up with our own 12 reasons to love Braman MINI this
  • New MINI Cooper Hardtop 4 Door lease deal in Palm Beach
    MINI special offers aren’t hard to find when you know where to look. From brand new MINI Cooper lease deals to fine prices on brand new MINIs, there’s a perfect selection waiting for anyone hoping to drive home a MINI this month. If you want a new MINI, you can check out some of the
  • Have you been looking for good deals on a MINI Coupe? How about good MINI car sales in general? Car shopping has the potential to be stressful and cumbersome – but it doesn’t have to be. When you put your faith into one of the best MINI dealerships around, you’ll quickly discover that car shopping
  • New 2015 MINI Cooper Country for sale at Braman MINI West Palm Beach
    MINI Coopers are fun to drive. There’s no denying it. From the MINI Cooper Countryman to a MINI Cooper Hardtop, it’s a blast to zip around curves, zoom down streets, and flash past the folks on the sidewalk. There’s a reason MINI Coopers have been used in movies as quick cars to make an escape
  • Florida is beautiful this time of year – though, in fact, Florida is beautiful for the vast majority of the year. What better place to soak up the sunshine, walk beneath palm trees, take a dip in the ocean, play at the beach, and cruise through the city in MINI luxury cars? Their distinctive style,