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How Different Is a MINI JCW from a MINI Cooper S?

When you think of a fun car to drive – think MINI. Zipping around town or out in the country in a MINI gives you fun and flexibility. In town, it is easy to park; out in the country, you get great gas mileage. When looking at a MINI, there are some differences between MINI John Cooper Works and the MINI Cooper S.

How different is a MINI JCW from a MINI Cooper S?

The simple answer is a lot and not very much. 

MINI is known for being a little mighty car. It is fast. Very fast. How fast? Well, winning three Monte Carlo races is part of its bragging rights amongst its 16 racing victories. Its simple suspension and front-wheel drive help make quick turns without problems of lag or spinout. The MINI Cooper S is based on the original classic version of the MINI. The MINI JCW is an homage to the creator John Cooper. In the John Cooper Works, MINI engineers went through 25 different exhaust systems until they found the sound they were looking for.

The MINI JCW has a more defined structural visual body. The front and rear bumpers are mainly where you will see the difference. Of course, there are differences in trims between the JCW and the Cooper S. When it comes to speed, there are differences but without a stopwatch, you wouldn’t be able to tell. The difference is less than one second. Only by looking at the list of specifications will you be able to tell the difference between the JCW and the Cooper S. There is more horsepower, 27 more to be exact, in the JCW. The JCW boasts 148 mph and in the Cooper S 138 mph. Both the MINI JCW and the MINI Cooper S are fun cars that turn heads when seen on the road.

If you are looking for a car that is fun to own and drive, then a MINI might be for you, contact Braman MINI of Miami to discuss your next car.

MINI John Cooper Cars Racing On The Track

MINI John Cooper Works Returns to Racing

The MINI John Cooper Works Team

The MINI John Cooper Works Team is back in the racing game. The team first made a splash in 2019 with the Manufacturers’ title and five race victories. It was certainly not an anomaly, though, as proved by the 2020 season.

At the start of the last season, the John Cooper Works MINI team managed some amazing performances. In fact, they captured the Manufacturers’ title in the Circuit of Americas.

The season started in March 2020 where #60, Tomas Mejia and #61 Mark Pombo finished strong with a 1-2 finish in the first race and Mejia grabbing the checkered flag in the second race.

July helped them further realize their goals at the Virginia International Raceway with six podiums. Pombo took home two wins alone!

A race at the Sonoma Raceway had them take home five podium spots. Due to limited fan attendance, all of the races were streamed live on YouTube, with both the MINI John Cooper Works Team owner and Pombo taking part in live debriefing sessions.

Unfortunately, the series had to take a break because of COVID19 restrictions, with the cancellation of a number of different races.

They finally took the title at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in October. Coming in with a 64 point lead in the title standings, the team managed to maintain that lead and take home the big trophy, fielding three different cars in that finale: Mejia, Pombo, and Clayton Williams.

Mejia managed to finish second overall in drivers’ standings while Pombo finished third.

The upcoming season begins in March and many expect similar amazing performances from this fantastic team.

Many are looking forward to an exciting season, maybe even one with enhanced fan ability to see the races in person. One thing is certain: the Mini John Cooper Works team is absolutely amazing and will continue to be.

2021 MINI John Cooper Works GP Motor

2021 MINI John Cooper Works GP Top Speed

Find your way toward taking a really good look at a John Cooper Works GP for sale.  The MSRP is $44,900 for the ultimate Mini Cooper.  The 2021 MINI John Cooper Works GP top speed is a robust 165 mph, and it is easily the most dominant Mini ever made with the most power.  It offers 332 pound-feet of torque and 302 hp, with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that can get you to 60 mph in 5 seconds.


The 2021 Mini John Cooper Works GP raises the bar with more than 70 hp in place.  Exclusive to the 2021 Mini John Cooper Works GP top speed is a special oil cooling and supply system.  Its suspension is also lower, and the exhaust system is specific to the model.  Wheel arch covers of flared carbon and bespoke aprons, both front and rear, aid in taking the aesthetics of the car to a whole new level.  Don’t expect rear seats in this version because they have been removed to aid in the performance ability of the car.


With its turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the 2021 Mini John Cooper top speed performs its best when track-focused.  It’s fun to drive, too, but just 3,000 models of this type are being made worldwide so if you want to get your bid in for one, you’d better act fast – faster even than it can drive with all its aerodynamic elements.


The 2021 Mini John Cooper top speed hot hatch has an 8-speed Steptronic Sport auto transmission that is Aisin-sourced and exclusive to this model.  Words to describe this multi-faceted and high-power-wired tiny beauty have been aggressive, exciting, unique, and snappy.  The 2.0-liter engine has been reconfigured with upgraded pistons, crankshaft, and connecting rods for better performance.

Find a John Cooper Works GP for sale to bring a little more excitement into your life.

MINI John Cooper Works interior

What Is Included in the John Cooper Works Package?

In the MINI world, John Cooper is a legend. The race car maker and tuner was the brains behind the original MINI. Today, the brand honors its legacy with its line of John Cooper Works MINI Coopers. They are made with powerful engines, parts made for performance and signature design elements. The John Cooper Works package is designed to make the MINI a specially tuned high performing street car. 

The John Cooper Works package includes exclusive upgrades to the interior and exterior of the MINI. You’ll enjoy ergonomic features like a new leather steering wheel with music controls and F1-style paddle shifters. 

John Cooper Works MINI Coopers come with an optional full body aero kit, sports exhaust, and an optional Nitron suspension with separately adjustable front and back dampers. All this equals increased performance and comfort, but let’s not forget about style. The JCW package comes with new one-of-a kind color schemes and Dinamica microsuede upholstery for a completely elevated style and feel. 

John Cooper Works MINI Coopers feature a 2.0L TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder with 228 horsepower, and 236 lb-ft of torque. It has a 6-speed manual transmission and it is also available in automatic. The brake system is upgraded as are the LED headlights and taillights. With 17-inch alloy wheels this vehicle is built for performance and driveability for those who are looking for a commuter car that’s actually fun to drive. 

MINI is beloved for its quirky, efficient style and exceptional (and ultra fun) handling. Opting for the John Cooper Works package ups the ante and gives you the drive of a lifetime. Ready to experience it for yourself? 

Sport Activity Vehicle | MINI Countryman JCW | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, South Florida

What Is a Sport Activity Vehicle?

SUVs are almost everywhere, and statistics indicate that they’re not going anywhere in the near future. In fact, statistics suggest they now claim 43% of the market share in the United States alone, and whether you’re looking at compact models or the much larger variety, the chances are good that if you’re vehicle shopping, you’re at least considering a MINI SUV. After all, there are some pretty amazing options out there!

Sport Utility or Sport Activity Vehicle?

Most people are familiar with the SUV – or sport utility vehicle. It’s literally a cross between a car and a truck. That crossover can be more or less depending on the vehicle you’ve purchased. The sport activity vehicle, though, is a great choice, too. The goal here is that it offers not just passenger carry power, but also work and sport capabilities.

Meet the MINI Countryman JCW

By far the most expensive MINI, the John Cooper Works Countryman comes in at an entry level price of $41,900. It’s a Sport Activity Vehicle, and it has the same underpinnings and drivetrain as the Cooper and the Clubman. It’s set a bit higher, though, and it looks far more adventurous. It features a turbocharged 2.0 liter four cylinder engine with 301 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque.

It comes standard with MINI’s all-wheel drive system, and an eight speed automatic transmission. It can move from 0 – 60 in 5.1 seconds. Inside, you’ll find a nice trunk (47.9 cubic feet of room if you drop the rear seats), as well as the perfect combination of upscale and retro interior this brand is known for – an infotainment system along with toggle switches and small gauges.

Sport activity vehicle may not currently be in your vocabulary, but when you meet the MINI Countryman JCW, you’ll certainly want it to be part of your life.


MINI Cooper JCW GP 2020: What’s the Price?

Long story short: the MINI Cooper JCW GP 2020 will start at $44,900. But what are the words that make up that story? What can we expect from this ultra-sleek performance machine? Let’s take a look:

The 2020 MINI Cooper GP is a limited edition motorcar that features an upgraded turbo charged four cylinder engine that generates 306 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. When it comes to MINI specs, these numbers are certainly supercharged. The horses and torque are complemented by an eight speed Steptronic automatic transmission with an integrated mechanical differential lock that minimizes torque steer. According to our favorite brand, the JCW GP zips from zero to 62 mph in just 5.2 seconds. There’s a reason the JCW dominated the track, and MINI continues its championship tradition with its 2020 model.

The 2020 MINI Cooper GP sports a big roof spoiler with a double wing contour, wheel arches with carbon fiber flares, 18 inch alloy wheels, larger air intakes, sport-tuned suspension with high spring and shock rates, lowered ride height, stiffer bushings, precise variable rate power steering, GP Drive Mode, and upgraded brakes.

The Oxford facility will only build 3000 of these beauties. Given the limited production, the price tag is nothing less than exceptional. Since its inception, MINI has sought to create an affordable option for drivers that minimizes driving expense (first with gas/diesel, now with electric) while maximizing comfort and driveability. The MINI Cooper JCW GP 2020 lives up to this promise – adding its own promise to thrill drivers with an exceptional ride with each mile.

Visit Braman MINI of Palm Beach to learn more about the newest JCW. Our expert team is happy to answer all of your questions – and take you for the test drive of your dreams.

2020 MINI | John Cooper Works GP | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida

2020 MINI John Cooper Works GP Arrival Imminent

In 2020, MINI will roll out its most powerful road car yet. Fans of the British icon couldn’t be more excited. The new John Cooper Works GP is already generating plenty of buzz. But what do we know about it so far?

As with most up-market brands, MINI is notoriously secretive about its yet-to-be-released vehicles. Teaser images and spy photos gave us a glimpse of this offering earlier this year, and the latest images bear little disguise. The 2020 MINI JCW GP will feature the beloved bulldog stance with a few race-worthy tweaks.

Of note are the dramatic wheel arches. They are big and bold, so naturally MINI also incorporates larger wheels. We also see a huge rear spoiler and deeper front spoiler. The JCW will have larger brakes and engineers ditched the backseat altogether. This road car is clearly inspired by MINI’s racing heritage.

Speculation is that the John Cooper Works GP will boast the same engine as the BMW X2 M35i. If so, you will see about 302 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque. It’s also expected to have the same drivetrain as the X2.

Questions remain: will it be front wheel drive or all wheel drive? Will a manual transmission be an option? We expect so: offering standard transmission has always been a MINI feature we love.

These questions, and more, will be answered later in 2019, with the first models coming out in 2020. In the meantime, visit Braman MINI of Palm Beach to inquire about other exceptional models for lease or purchase. Our expert team is ready to help you drive away in your dream car. MINI has always been a quirky, fun favorite. The John Cooper Works GP both lives up to MINI’s high standard – and, we think, exceeds it!

John Cooper Works GP | 2020 MINI Cooper | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida

John Cooper Works GP Gets 300 HP in 2020

MINI’s John Cooper Works GP takes advantage of a mythical concept that nobody ever thought would really come to pass. The stunning concept look was originally unveiled in 2017. It’s been updated and worked on ever since. The concept was so aggressively new that enthusiasts and onlookers alike thought it was too ahead of its time. Turns out they were wrong. The 2020 MINI Cooper may be the most talked about release the maker’s ever created.

Unprecedented Horsepower

First thing’s first: the new John Cooper Works GP will be the most powerful MINI ever made. The front-wheel drive car will be powered by a 2-liter, 4-cylinder delivering 300 horsepower. This is the same engine that BMW calls its most powerful 4-cylinder ever. It powers the BMW X2 M35i, a nimble crossover with coupe-like power and handling.

Current John Cooper Works models start with a 228 horsepower engine. That’s been plenty, but there’s always been a dream of a MINI with speed and acceleration that goes beyond this.

Joining Speed with Famous Agility

In a 2020 MINI Cooper, that 300 horsepower combined with the model’s already famed agility is going to be even more jaw-dropping. MINI’s developing a new suspension specifically to handle the raw power this 300 horsepower engine brings. Everything is built around the speed it can deliver – aerodynamics and braking are expected to be top-notch. The inevitable YouTube videos of the new GP performing maneuvers only a MINI can ought to be out of this world.

Your Window of Opportunity

MINI knows just how anticipated this car will be. That’s why they’re only making 3,000 of the new John Cooper Works GP. Every time this line’s seen a model, it was sold out before it even technically launched.

This will be a car built for escape – from the everyday world as you zoom down a winding country road, or in a race as you widen the gap between those who follow. With such a limited run, just make sure the John Cooper Works GP doesn’t escape from you.

MINI Cooper JCW 2020 | MINI JCW GP | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida

What’s So Special About the 2020 MINI JCW GP?

While details are carefully guarded about the MINI Cooper JCW 2020, we do know without a doubt that this will be an unforgettable car. And in a lineup as impressive as MINI’s, that’s saying something. MINI USA product head, Ishaan Khatri, says to expect “some big surprises.” We cannot wait.


The 2020 MINI JCW GP will feature the beloved two seat layout; they will add a functional cross brace in the rear compartment to increase structural rigidity. Racing, anyone? We love that MINI stays true to its roots as a champion! We also expect to see an enhanced digital cluster and special exterior colors and trims.


What about power? The 2020 is likely to offer around 280 hp and 300 ft lbs of torque with an automatic transmission. Will they offer a manual too? Khatri plays it coy, so we’ll have to wait and see. But with the high (for MINI) horsepower and the reduction in weight, we do think this will be the fastest MINI yet.


Another insight from Khatri indicates that the GP3 will be extremely limited in production. The previous GP line produced only 1,000. We expect that this will be bumped up to 3,000 – worldwide. In the United States, we may only get a few hundred. If the MINI Cooper JCW 2020 is on your wish list, visit Braman MINI to learn more.

The new MINI JCW GP will likely roll out in late spring of 2020. In the meantime, consider another MINI Cooper or JCW to tide you over. A great lease can help you drive away in an iconic vehicle as we await 2020!

2019 MINI JCW | Black JCW MINI | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida

2019 MINI JCW Knights Edition Unveiled

Prepare to “Ooh” and “Ahhh.” The 2019 MINI JCW Knights Edition is an attention-grabber in a family of head-turners. This sexy limited edition does the iconic brand proud and is destined to become one of the year’s most sought-after vehicles – and an instant classic. Let’s take a look at this black beauty.

A Cool, Sleek Black JCW MINI

The midnight black JCW MINI features a Melting Silver stripe that makes quite a statement against the bold exterior finish. A seemingly small change is intriguing diehard fans of the brand: the Melting Silver hood scoop has a 75 percent matte and 25 percent gloss finish: it is stunning. This is also the first piece of body work finished in matte ever on a MINI made for the US market. Lucky us!

Ishaan Khatri, MINI’s USA Product Planning manager plays it coy, saying, “Who knows, we may just see another special edition with a matte finish on more than just the hood scoop.” We certainly hope so.

Other touches include the gloss black JCW MINI Wings badges, a newly designed logo, and some great performance features. The engine pumps out 227 hp – plenty for the spirited MINI – and has a JCW tuned suspension, JCW Pro exhaust with bluetooth control and track only mode, and JCW seats that beg you to zip and zoom through narrow, twisting, turning roads.

This is a lean, mean, aggressive MINI machine. The 2019 MINI JCW Knights Edition will not sit in showrooms or on lots for long, though! Does any MINI special edition ever linger? Get it while it’s hot… and this vehicle is very, very hot. Stop by Braman MINI to learn more or to explore other gorgeous options from the brand we all know and love.