John Cooper Works

  • 2019 MINI JCW | Black JCW MINI | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida
    Prepare to “Ooh” and “Ahhh.” The 2019 MINI JCW Knights Edition is an attention-grabber in a family of head-turners. This sexy limited edition does the iconic brand proud and is destined to become one of the year’s most sought-after vehicles – and an instant classic. Let’s take a look at this black beauty. A Cool,
  • MINI Cooper JCW GP | MINI Cooper John Cooper Works GP | Braman MINI Palm Beach, Florida
    Look out, world: there’s a MINI John Cooper Works GP coming. If you’re a MINI fan, you’ll be forgiven for drooling a little bit. We are all excited to see the MINI Cooper JCW GP – and have been since the GP Concept was presented at the IAA Cars 2017 show in Frankfurt. The concept
  • John Cooper Works MINI | Two Door MINI Cooper | Braman MINI Palm Beach, Florida
    Knock, knock. Who’s there? The John Cooper Works MINI International Orange Edition! This fun-loving vehicle is designed to be an eye-catching, head-turning stunner. And it pulls it off like only a MINI can! If you’re looking for a subtle, subdued ride… well, this is not the car for you. MINI’s JCWs models are renowned for
  • MINI has always been the “little engine that could.” Over 50 years ago, John Cooper, a legend in the racing world, saw the potential in the MINI. Its wide stance and transverse engine meant it could be a “Giant Killer” on the track. Cooper tweaked its engine and brakes – then drove the nimble, fast
  • At Liberty Walk, they’re known for their bolt-on wide-body kits. They’ve covered dozens of different cars, all of them powerful, all of them supercars ready to blast down the road without any cares in the world. Still – would the men of Liberty Walk ever look in the direction of something that wasn’t considered a
  • Hoping for a new MINI JCW for sale? Look no further. The new MINI John Cooper Works Hatch is out and coming to a MINI Cooper dealership in South Florida near you. The new MINI JCW Hatch is a zippy car that takes curves easily, speeds down the road when you want it to, and
  • Being a spy photographer can have its slow moments. But then something great comes along and that means they get to share the photos everywhere – along with plenty of excitement at seeing something new. In this case, photos were snapped of the MINI JCW Cabrio prototype doing some test driving out in Germany. The
  • Have you heard of the new MINI John Cooper Works Edition yet? Then now is the best time to get educated, because it’s soon to be ready for you to cruise around all of Florida if you want. The MINI John Cooper Works is hot off the press featuring a brand new 2.0 liter 4-cylinder
  • Are you ready for something bigger, better, and more surprising? MINI knows how to build up a show and bring all the glitter and grins to those waiting eagerly. Indeed, MINI brought forth the MINI John Cooper Works to the 2015 Detroit Auto Show – but that’s not all. Sure, they brought their A-game with