MINI Cooper with Wide Body Kit from Liberty Walk

May 18, 2015

Liberty Walk MINI Cooper Wide Body Kit

At Liberty Walk, they’re known for their bolt-on wide-body kits. They’ve covered dozens of different cars, all of them powerful, all of them supercars ready to blast down the road without any cares in the world. Still – would the men of Liberty Walk ever look in the direction of something that wasn’t considered a supercar?

Recently, they’ve released a few images of a MINI John Cooper Works fitted with one of their body kits. The result, to say the least, is interesting. It’s now how you would often see a MINI appear on the road. It looks as though the covering for a supercar has been carefully crafted over the top of a MINI John Cooper Works, and the final design will make more than few heads tip in contemplation.

The overall ride is extremely low – what you would indeed find on most supercars – and may (or may not) be what you’re looking for. A lot has to be done in order for this look to be achieved, and there are many specialty pieces and work that needs to happen that may not necessarily work for your particular MINI. Of course, you’d also have to get to a Liberty Walk location, which may not be an easy task depending upon where you currently are.

While the idea is fun, you’ll most likely enjoy the MINI Cooper the way it originally comes. You can find a good MINI Cooper dealer and then shop through their extensive choices of MINIs, from the John Cooper Works to the Hardtop. When it comes to finding a MINI Cooper for sale in West Palm Beach, FL, you should check out Braman MINI first as their selection is excellent and their experts can help provide you with the knowledge you need to choose the perfect MINI for your lifestyle.

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