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2023 MINI Cooper SE to be Shorter and Smaller

Mini has just introduced its 2023 Mini Cooper SE, and the manufacturer has played it smart. It has kept what has worked in the older models and only made a few cosmetic changes to the new electric Mini Cooper. However, the one thing that is different about the 2023 Mini is that it’s lighter and slightly shorter than the older models. This does not mean, however, that the interior will be compromised for legroom. The reason is that the new electric Mini Cooper will have wider tracks, which will create more interior space. Furthermore, the widening of the Mini will allow the engineers to fit a larger battery that will permit a range of 114 to 120 miles, which may seem low at first thought, but the car is meant for the city or a daily commute.


The totally electric 2023 Mini Cooper SE will be assembled in China and supplied with parts by Great Wall Motors. To date, the 2023 Mini is the only totally electric Mini, but the manufacturer states that it does plan to make more EV vehicles by 2030.

The new electric Mini Cooper will be available as a two-door coupe, hatchback, and a convertible.  Like past vehicles, the 2023 Mini Cooper SE will come standard with Apple CarPlay. Other minor changes include a half dozen interior trim choices. In addition, the Mini Resolute Edition special edition package will also be available.

Like all previous models, the rear seating is limited to two people. With a greater width than previous Minis, the SE has a low center of gravity with excellent road traction. The Mini Cooper SE has go-kart-like handling, it is fun to drive, it is zippy on the roads, and it is easy to park. If you want speed, it will easily go from 0-60 mph in 6.1 seconds, which is quicker than many other smaller EVs. The SE Mini Cooper has two regenerative braking models: one that permits the vehicle to coast like a non EV when the accelerator is lifted and the other more aggressive system that reduces the need to press on the brake pedal. The interior offers many standard features like heated front seats, automatic dual-zone climate control, hands-free passive entry, LED front lighting, and rain-sensing windshield wipers.

Mini does offer an option for driver assistance technology, like pedestrian detection and forward collision warning.  As far as the battery is concerned, about 80 percent of Mini’s battery can be fast-charged in 35 minutes, and, at home, it may take four hours for a full charge.


The 2023 special edition model will be called the Mini Resolute Edition, and this comes with rebel green paint with mirror caps and a white roof. It will also feature bronze accents on the grille and some exterior trim segments, plus bronze stripes on the hood. Besides the 17-inch wheels, the inside front seats will be sporty, and the steering wheel will be leather-wrapped.


The base price for the 2023 Mini Cooper SE is $29.900, plus an $850 destination charge – both amounts unchanged from the previous year. In addition, the Mini will be eligible for a $7,500 Federal EV tax credit. This makes the 2023 Mini one of the most inexpensive EVs on the market today.

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What Are the MINI Cooper SE Trim Levels?

The 2020 MINI Cooper SE is the first fully electric vehicle MINI has released. It has an estimated range of 110 miles per charge, and it can move from zero to 60 in just 6.9 seconds. The advertised price on this is just under $30,000, but there are three MINI Cooper SE trim levels to choose from, and your selection could change your pricing.

A Closer Look at the Three Trim Levels

The base price is $29,900 for the Signature Model. It comes with some great standard equipment including a 6.5 inch display screen, Apple CarPlay, heated front seats, and even keyless entry. There are also some fantastic safety features like forward collision warning, pedestrian warnings, and rain sensing wipers. The interior is gorgeous, too, with a standard carbon black leatherette upholstery.

If you’re looking for an upgrade, you should consider the Signature Plus. Priced at $33,900, you’ll get 17 inch wheels and a panoramic moonroof. It also comes with power-folding mirrors and rear park distance control. Additionally, you’ll get a pretty serious upgrade to your sound system, as a Harmon Kardon premium system is included in this one.

The highest available trim level with this vehicle is the 2020 Mini Coupe SE Iconic. It retails for $36,900, and it comes with a leather steering wheel as well as a head-up display. Additionally, you’ll find park distance control in the front and rare as well as a park assistant. An 8.8 inch touchscreen is included, as is wireless phone charging.

The MINI Cooper electric model has much to offer any buyer in any of the three trim levels. Which one will meet your needs? Why not explore all three when you book a test drive with us? Contact us today to learn more.

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New MINI Cooper SE Is Here!

Looking for the new MINI Cooper SE? It’s in stock now at Braman MINI, and you might be surprised and what something in such a small package can do. This MINI electric car can charge in as little as four hours if you’re looking for full power, and you can hit up to 80% of full power in just 36 minutes. One charge will help you go for up to 110 miles! It’s the perfect green vehicle to get you from place to place at a great price – starting at just $29,900 MSRP for the base model.

MINI Cooper SE – Under the Hood

The 2020 MINI Cooper SE has an electric motor inside with 181 hp and 199 lb-ft of torque. It can actually get you from zero to 60 in just 6.9 seconds. It’s surprising speed from a fully electric vehicle, but it all comes thanks to spontaneous power delivery and a low center of gravity.

This vehicle is front-wheel drive, and the interior offers lots of benefits, including a standard 6.5 inch touch screen navigation system, real time traffic information, dual zone climate control, heated front seats, and Apple CarPlay. It’s also packed with plenty of safety features like acoustic pedestrian warnings, forward collision warnings, and a rearview camera. Other features include comfort access keyless entry, LED headlights and fog lights, cruise control, and a dynamic digital instrument cluster.

Ready for This Beautiful Car?

It’s right here at Braman MINI, and you can choose from three different trim levels. Whether you’re looking for the base model or something a bit more premium, we can help you fill your dreams. Stop by today for a look inside this fantastic vehicle and even a test-drive to see what it can do behind the wheel.

MINI Cooper SE | Federal Tax Credits for Electric Cars | Braman MINI of West Palm Beach County, South Florida

Does MINI Cooper SE Qualify for Federal Tax Credit?

Many are looking to take advantage of the federal tax credit for electric cars, and the MINI Cooper SE is a good way to do just that. Offering buyers a $7,500 federal credit, this vehicle is a great way to make use of both federal and local tax incentives, are there are many options out there to help bring the price of this vehicle down.

Under the Hood

The MINI Cooper SE offers more power than you might imagine.  You’ll get 181 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque from this vehicle. It has a 32.6-kilowatt-hour battery. It sits a bit higher to accommodate the battery pack, and weighs 319 pounds more than it’s gas powered brother.  While not at the top of the list for range, this vehicle features a range of 110 miles per charge. It can reach 60 mph in 6.3 seconds, and it has a top speed of 93 miles per hour, which is not bad for a MINI and particularly impressive for a fully electric car. A recharge takes just four hours on a 7.4-kW AC charger.

Inside the MINI Cooper SE

There are some great options with this vehicle. The base trim has been dubbed Signature, and you can get it for $30,750. With that, you’ll get a 6.5-inch infotainment display, heated seats, and a brand new instrument panel screen. Apple CarPlay also comes standard. The Signature Plus model comes at a higher price tag, but you get parking sensors with that, sunroof, and a sound system upgrade. The top level increases the price tag a bit more, but you get a larger infotainment system and navigation, as well as an additional color option.

Ready to look at this amazing vehicle that qualifies for the federal tax credit for electric cars? Visit Braman MINI of Palm Beach, FL today.

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2020 MINI Cooper SE to Arrive in March

The 2020 MINI Cooper SE is set to storm the US in March. Our beloved British brand’s new battery electric model is poised to be a leader in its class, helping make EVs more accessible to consumers. VP, MINI of the Americas, Michael Peyton, says that the automaker is “pleased to offer more people the ability to experience a drive charged with passion in the form of the MINI Cooper SE, an EV that is built ‘for the drive.’”

A MINI electric car is a natural progression of the brand’s trajectory. Back in 1959, Sir Alec Issigonis developed the first MINI with the intent of delivering a solution to the crushing fuel crisis: a fuel-sipping car that was also comfortable. Today, MINI is trailblazing the EV market, reducing our driving footprint and bringing viable, sustainable alternatives to the fore. 

The 2020 MINI Cooper SE thrills with a low center of gravity, zippy powertrain, and that trademark handling we all know and love. This isn’t a Porsche 911 GT RS (top speed: 211, 0-60 in 2.7 seconds) – but MINI aficionados don’t expect that. They expect to handle a twisting, turning labyrinth with sharp corners effortlessly – and with a heart-pounding soundtrack in the background. Or, you know, a trip to the grocery store through narrow city streets. This MINI electric car generates 181 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque, powering the EV from 0 to 60 in 6.9 seconds and a top speed of 93 mph.

Our pick for the quirkiest, spunkiest EV? The 2020 MINI Cooper SE. Our pick for the most reliable and stable EV? The best value? The most fun to drive? You guessed it… the Cooper SE. Visit Braman MINI to learn more and test drive this performance machine; you will never be disappointed by a MINI.

MINI Cooper SE | Electric Muscle Car | Braman MINI of West Palm Beach, South Florida

MINI Dubs Cooper SE a Muscle Car

When you think of a muscle car, what attributes come to mind? Speed? High performance? A powerful engine? Likely the mental picture you create isn’t a MINI Cooper SE – but that’s exactly what MINI is suggesting with their most recent publicity stunt.

A Boeing 777F + An Electric Muscle Car

At Frankfurt Airport, the MINI Cooper SE was asked to take on the role of an aircraft tug, which had it towing the aircraft to the loading point. The aircraft was a Boeing 777F unloaded freight aircraft, but that didn’t make it too much lighter, as it still came in at 150 tonnes.

Under the Hood

The fact that it managed to pull the plane is impressive, but what’s under the hood is equally noteworthy. It will share the BMW i3S drivetrain, so you can expect to see a 44.2-kWh 120 Ah battery. The motor should produce 181 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque. What’s more, though, is that you should be able to get a range on the vehicle of about 170 miles between charges. 

It can move from 0 – 62 in 7.3 seconds and has a top speed of 93.2 mph. There are four different driving modes for this vehicle, and you can select the right one via a switch next to the starting button. 

That’s a Good Look for You

While it looks pretty similar to a normal MINI Cooper, the front certainly distinguishes itself with a varied fascia and a close grille, as the engine under the hood doesn’t really need to have the cooling ability of the others from this company. It does come standard as a front-wheel drive vehicle. You may not notice, but this is 18 millimeters higher than others because of the difference in the size of the electric motor. 

Inside, you’ll find the familiarity you love from MINI with LED headlamps, electric parking, a round touchscreen that offers connected navigation and multi zone automatic air conditioning.  The app even allows you to heat or cool your car’s interior to the right temperature before you ever climb in.

Whether you need to pull an aircraft or you just love the look of these amazing vehicles, the MINI Cooper SE goes into production in Oxford in November.