Sneak Peak at the 2024 Mini Cooper SE

May 10, 2023
2024 mini se

If you are in the market for a sporty new vehicle, look no further than the 2024 Mini Cooper SE. This model puts a new spin on a modern favorite. Here are some of the most interesting features of the 2024 Mini Cooper SE!

Similar Shape

Longtime Mini Cooper fans will be glad to know that the 2024 Mini Cooper SE stays true to the iconic shape they have come to know and love. Its large hood, small trunk, and classic boxy shape look much like they always have, with a few minor but modern updates.

2024 Mini Cooper SE Redesigned Headlights and Taillights

The 2024 Mini Cooper SE comes with redesigned oval headlights that are a bit larger than they were on previous models and feature dual horizontal elements that distinguish them from other basic headlights. The taillights have taken the opposite approach and become much smaller, and they have shifted from a simple rectangular shape to a bold triangle. A sleek black trim connects the taillights, and the Mini’s distinguishing Union Jacks within the lights can still be found when the brake lights are activated.

No Exhaust Outlets

The latest Mini Cooper has finally made the leap to being both aesthetically cool and environmentally friendly, and this new electric version means that there are no exhaust outlets. Instead, the back of the vehicle looks sleek and symmetrical, which gives it a more modern appearance than older models. Although internal-combustion Minis are still likely to stick around for a while, offering an electric model is likely to appeal to a wide range of environmentally-conscious drivers and keep their interest from shifting to another vehicle.

Horsepower Options

Buyers will be able to choose between 181 and 215 horsepower options, which allows you to choose a Mini with just the right amount of power for you. At Mini Palm Beach, we are here to help you choose the best Mini for you, which may be the latest model. Contact us today to learn more about what sets this small but powerful vehicle apart or to start exploring new Mini models to find your favorite!

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