Converting a Classic MINI to Electric

April 16, 2022
converting a classic mini to electric

With the price of gas going up, MINI Cooper is head and shoulders ahead of other car manufacturers with its innovations. It is now fitting some of its classic cars with an EV drive train. The reason the company has selected the classic MINIs is that they are typically lightweight, do not have significant complexity in their engines, making them well suited for electric power. If the owner finds that the traditional MINI classic engine is too expensive to maintain or too difficult to operate, they may ask for the EV conversion. Of course, the car has to be shipped back to the factory for electrical conversion to an electric MINI.

The conversion of a classic MINI to an electric MINI is not a novel concept. In 2018, MINI did reveal a MINI that had been swapped with an EV drive train at the New York auto show. The interest from customers was so great that MINI decided to develop a formal program called “the MINI Recharged,” whereby the classic MINI is swapped with an EV drive train.


First, you need to ship your classic MINI to the factory. You take it to the dealer, and they ship it for you. At the Oxford MINI Plant factory, a dedicated team is in charge of the conversion. 

The fuel-powered inline-four is then traded for a 90kW electric motor. Next, the central instrument panel is then swapped for a novel panel that will display the selected gear, speed, range, and drive temperature.

The battery can be charged at home or at charging grids and will give you a range of about 99 miles on a charge.

MINI owners do not need to worry as these changes are reversible. The old engine is marked and stored in the event the owner doesn’t like the new EV version. All you have to do is reship the MINI back to the factory. While not much is known about the performance of these converted EV MINIs, the few anecdotal reports online indicate that the owners are happy.


First, these conversions are only for MINI owners in the UK. Secondly, MINI has not stated the cost of shipping for this conversion, but anytime a car goes to a factory for major workup, the costs are not minuscule. Third, if the MINI is your only car, you will be left without one for some time. So far, there is no word how long the factory reset takes. And, if you do not like the conversion to the EV, then the whole thing has to be done all over again, and who do you think pays for these costs?

Best advice, if you want an electric MINI, make that decision up front.  It is usually not cost-effective to convert a traditional gas-powered car into an EV later.  To learn more, visit the professionals at Braman Motorcars or call them at 1-561-666-4791 today.  They know all the latest news about MINIs and a myriad of other cars.

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