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BMW and Mini EV Sales More than Double

MINI brand cars are usually seen as fun to drive, small cars that are easy to maneuver. Especially if you have to find a parking spot or parallel park the car in the city. Like many other big automakers, MINI is also moving towards being a fully electric manufacturer in the 2030s. And it has been a big year for Mini EV sales.

Under the watchful eye of BMW, the MINI brand has been testing the waters of EVs since 2009. Between BMW and MINI, the number and availability of electrified vehicle models increase yearly. And the demand is growing as the electric vehicle sales for the first half of 2022 show. Worldwide, just the first six months saw an increase of 110.3% in combined EV sales for BMW and MINI. These numbers equate to about double electric vehicle sales compared to the first six months of 2021.

With such enormous demand for electric vehicles, BMW aims to double its EV sales for 2022. The company believes it will accomplish this goal based on EV pre-orders, starting with the reported 34,000 EVs pre-ordered in Europe alone. Germany, only second to the UK, leads in MINI EV sales where every third new MINI is electrified. In Iceland, only MINI EVs will be sold starting in 2021. A large percentage of MINI vehicles sold in Norway are also electrified.

“The excellent overall result and the fact that every tenth new MINI is fully electric show that our strategy for the future is setting the right priorities,” says Bernd Körber, Head of the MINI Brand. “The MINI community is growing, and it is moving towards electromobility with great strides.”

With the newly released iX1, and Mini Countryman scheduled to hit the roads in 2023 and planned production of the electric i5, the company has big plans to reach two million totally electric vehicles by the end of 2025.

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2023 MINI Cooper SE to be Shorter and Smaller

Mini has just introduced its 2023 Mini Cooper SE, and the manufacturer has played it smart. It has kept what has worked in the older models and only made a few cosmetic changes to the new electric Mini Cooper. However, the one thing that is different about the 2023 Mini is that it’s lighter and slightly shorter than the older models. This does not mean, however, that the interior will be compromised for legroom. The reason is that the new electric Mini Cooper will have wider tracks, which will create more interior space. Furthermore, the widening of the Mini will allow the engineers to fit a larger battery that will permit a range of 114 to 120 miles, which may seem low at first thought, but the car is meant for the city or a daily commute.


The totally electric 2023 Mini Cooper SE will be assembled in China and supplied with parts by Great Wall Motors. To date, the 2023 Mini is the only totally electric Mini, but the manufacturer states that it does plan to make more EV vehicles by 2030.

The new electric Mini Cooper will be available as a two-door coupe, hatchback, and a convertible.  Like past vehicles, the 2023 Mini Cooper SE will come standard with Apple CarPlay. Other minor changes include a half dozen interior trim choices. In addition, the Mini Resolute Edition special edition package will also be available.

Like all previous models, the rear seating is limited to two people. With a greater width than previous Minis, the SE has a low center of gravity with excellent road traction. The Mini Cooper SE has go-kart-like handling, it is fun to drive, it is zippy on the roads, and it is easy to park. If you want speed, it will easily go from 0-60 mph in 6.1 seconds, which is quicker than many other smaller EVs. The SE Mini Cooper has two regenerative braking models: one that permits the vehicle to coast like a non EV when the accelerator is lifted and the other more aggressive system that reduces the need to press on the brake pedal. The interior offers many standard features like heated front seats, automatic dual-zone climate control, hands-free passive entry, LED front lighting, and rain-sensing windshield wipers.

Mini does offer an option for driver assistance technology, like pedestrian detection and forward collision warning.  As far as the battery is concerned, about 80 percent of Mini’s battery can be fast-charged in 35 minutes, and, at home, it may take four hours for a full charge.


The 2023 special edition model will be called the Mini Resolute Edition, and this comes with rebel green paint with mirror caps and a white roof. It will also feature bronze accents on the grille and some exterior trim segments, plus bronze stripes on the hood. Besides the 17-inch wheels, the inside front seats will be sporty, and the steering wheel will be leather-wrapped.


The base price for the 2023 Mini Cooper SE is $29.900, plus an $850 destination charge – both amounts unchanged from the previous year. In addition, the Mini will be eligible for a $7,500 Federal EV tax credit. This makes the 2023 Mini one of the most inexpensive EVs on the market today.

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Converting a Classic MINI to Electric

With the price of gas going up, MINI Cooper is head and shoulders ahead of other car manufacturers with its innovations. It is now fitting some of its classic cars with an EV drive train. The reason the company has selected the classic MINIs is that they are typically lightweight, do not have significant complexity in their engines, making them well suited for electric power. If the owner finds that the traditional MINI classic engine is too expensive to maintain or too difficult to operate, they may ask for the EV conversion. Of course, the car has to be shipped back to the factory for electrical conversion to an electric MINI.

The conversion of a classic MINI to an electric MINI is not a novel concept. In 2018, MINI did reveal a MINI that had been swapped with an EV drive train at the New York auto show. The interest from customers was so great that MINI decided to develop a formal program called “the MINI Recharged,” whereby the classic MINI is swapped with an EV drive train.


First, you need to ship your classic MINI to the factory. You take it to the dealer, and they ship it for you. At the Oxford MINI Plant factory, a dedicated team is in charge of the conversion. 

The fuel-powered inline-four is then traded for a 90kW electric motor. Next, the central instrument panel is then swapped for a novel panel that will display the selected gear, speed, range, and drive temperature.

The battery can be charged at home or at charging grids and will give you a range of about 99 miles on a charge.

MINI owners do not need to worry as these changes are reversible. The old engine is marked and stored in the event the owner doesn’t like the new EV version. All you have to do is reship the MINI back to the factory. While not much is known about the performance of these converted EV MINIs, the few anecdotal reports online indicate that the owners are happy.


First, these conversions are only for MINI owners in the UK. Secondly, MINI has not stated the cost of shipping for this conversion, but anytime a car goes to a factory for major workup, the costs are not minuscule. Third, if the MINI is your only car, you will be left without one for some time. So far, there is no word how long the factory reset takes. And, if you do not like the conversion to the EV, then the whole thing has to be done all over again, and who do you think pays for these costs?

Best advice, if you want an electric MINI, make that decision up front.  It is usually not cost-effective to convert a traditional gas-powered car into an EV later.  To learn more, visit the professionals at Braman Motorcars or call them at 1-561-666-4791 today.  They know all the latest news about MINIs and a myriad of other cars.

Mini Cooper Electric

2022 Electric Mini

Like most other automobile manufacturers, Mini Cooper has also decided to go electric. The company has stated that by 2030 most of its vehicles will be electric. The automaker released its first MINI Cooper electric car three years ago but has made many changes to the all-electric 2022 vehicle. Even though the company is partly owned by BMW, it still retains most of its iconic “MINI” features and remains a fun car to drive in the inner cities. But what does the 2022 electric MINI offer?

Mini Cooper Electric

The Future of Mini Cooper Electric Cars

If you are looking for the 2022 MINI Cooper electric SE to take you a long distance on a single charge, that’s not going to happen yet. Because MINIs are small cars, the size of the battery is also limited. With a small battery, the mileage offered per charge is also less. The current MINI offers up to 130 miles, which some may argue is low, but the MINI hatchback was never made for long-distance driving. With the small battery, the mileage will be able to get you anywhere in most cities in the U.S. with plenty of battery power to spare. 

The car has ample acceleration that will allow you to zip in and out of congested, narrow streets. It can accelerate to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds, which is good enough for inner-city driving, where speed is not always of utmost importance.

Under the hood is the typical BMW-designed synchronous compact motor unit with a low-lying battery giving the car a low center of gravity. This design gives the MINI great agility and allows go-kart-like handling ability.

There are four drive modes to select from which include sports, mid (default), green, and green+. Irrespective of the drive mode, however, the SE 3 has abundant zippiness and the ride is comfortable.

The exterior of the 2022 MINI Cooper electric hardtop is not much different than the previous models except for the upgraded rear and front bumpers, compact grill, and a new wheel design. Inside, the SE is most comfortable for the front seat occupants. The 5.5-inch display is not much different but there is a redesigned steering wheel and various instrument signages which provide information on battery charge level, power level, drive mode, etc.

Other features include heated front seats, dual-zone climate control, Sirius satellite radio, hands-free passive entry, rear-view camera, LED front lighting, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and level 1 and level 2 charging cables.

The 2022 MINI is one of the most affordable EVs on the market with a MINI Cooper electric price of $30K. Granted, it will not take you hundreds of miles on a single charge, but for city driving, it is a superb environmentally conscious car that is fun to drive. It is one of the few cars that is still eligible for a federal rebate that will shave off $7,500 from the MINI Cooper electric price.

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Mini Cooper Electric

You Can Now Add MINI Accessories to Your Electric Cooper SE

MINI Cooper accessories have been popular for quite some time now, adding functionality to these much beloved vehicles.

From options that turn your MINI into a weekend warrior in its own right to add-ons that mean additional functionality from the backseat, MINI enthusiasts are always looking for great ways to do more, and the number of accessories for the MINI Cooper has only grown in the past years.

Fortunately, those who have just purchased an Electric Cooper SE can now share in the power of those accessories. 

What MINI Cooper Accessories Are Now Available for Electric Owners?

If you love your electric, but you’re ready to make sure it does more for you than get you from point A to point B each day, you’re certain to love the brand new line of accessories, especially if you’re looking to spice up your weekend.

Add a railing or a roof rack system that means you can travel almost everywhere. With the roof rack system in place, you can also purchase the MINI roof box that allows you to stow your bike helmet, tent, or even picnic supplies.

It has a capacity of 320 liters and is around 1.90 meters long (which is plenty of length for your skis, too! This sleek black box comes with embossed stripes and the MINI logo. It can be locked and accessed from either side.

Need a bit more room? Once the roof rack system is in place, you can stow your bike when you add the touring bike holder. No matter what size your bike is, you’ll be able to carry it almost anywhere with a high strength-aluminum clamping system and two tension straps. 

If you’re not looking to carry anything but you do wish your passengers in the rear seats had a bit more, you may want to have the Travel and Comfort system installed.

This basic carrier is easy to mount between the headrest rails of either front seat, and you can add a number of different attachments including a tablet holder or a universal hook for a bag. There’s even a folding table that can be used as a work surface.

Fully adjustable, it’s held with the Travel and Comfort system so no matter where you go or who you’re with, your rear passengers will have access to a bit of extra space. 

Electric MINI owners everywhere are looking for a bit more versatility, and the MINI accessories now available to them provide that and so much more.

2022 MINI Electric Dashbooard Feature

2022 MINI Cooper Electric Review, Pricing, and Specs

Like many other auto manufacturers, Mini Cooper has decided to go with the flow. What works this year will hopefully also work in 2022.

Apart from minor style changes, the 2022 Mini Cooper electric vehicle remains the same as the 2021 model, including the range on a single charge.

The few minor alterations include amended rear and front fascias, a new front splitter, and black elements, like the grilled sound that gives the 2022 Mini Cooper electric vehicle a sportier look.

Prospective buyers will have the option of a bluish tinge on the Multi-tone roof. As expected, the powertrain from the 2021 model remains unchanged as the Cooper SE has been on the market for less than two years.

The 2022 Mini Cooper electric vehicle powers the front wheels with a carry-over powertrain, featuring a 181 hp electric motor and a single-speed transmission.

Like the 2021 model, the 2022 version has an estimated range of 110 miles from its 32.6Kwh lithium battery.

Mini Cooper is well aware of the shortcomings of a short-range vehicle but says that this particular model is not only more affordable than other small EVs, but it is also more fun to drive because of its “go-kart” like handling.  Fun can be an important factor.

The few new cosmetic changes include a new body-colored trim piece that covers the black impact protection bar.

The previous long, wide yellow accent on the front has been replaced by a subtle “S.” The fog lights have been replaced by an extra LED element in the headlights. The LED taillights now feature a Union Jack accent.

Mini is also offering a collector’s edition of the 2022 Cooper SE called the Electric Collection.

This model will feature a similar exterior but will include extras, like a customized 17-inch wheel, matrix LED headlights, custom door sills, black side mirror caps, and leather trim on the steering wheel.

The interior has also seen some minor changes, including a standard 8.8-inch touchscreen, which is compatible with Apple Carplay. Other accessories offer a full range of safety features, including a lane departure warning, heated steering wheel, and satellite radio.

As in all previous Minis, the back seat is small and has limited cargo space. But the 2022 mini has been geared towards the Millenials, who, some statistics note, prefer to limit their travels within city limits and appear cool.

The one other thing about the Mini that has not changed is the price. The electric Mini Cooper price is the same as the 2021 model.

The basic price starts at $30,750, which does not include a federal EV tax credit of $7,500, which will bring the price down to close to $22K in some states.

The exact release date for the 2022 Mini Cooper EV is not known but dealerships can anticipate the cars arriving in late spring or early summer.  The electric Mini Cooper price is one more note of merit that will have customers flocking to purchase this model.

2022 MINI Cooper Electric Vehicle

This Is What Makes The MINI Cooper SE The Best Cheap New EV

The world is waiting with great anticipation for the introduction of the 2022 Mini Cooper electric car. So far, pundits reveal that it will perhaps be the most affordable electric vehicle on the market but, more importantly, it will still come with many features and options that will put its other electric vehicle competitors at a huge disadvantage.

What Does the 2022 Mini Cooper EV have to offer?

Like previous Mini Coopers, the 2022 will be a two-door all-electric vehicle with sturdy handling, swift accelerations, and extreme stability on all terrains.

The one major difference compared to its competitors will be the smaller battery pack, which will limit the Mini Cooper’s driving range to only 110 miles on a full charge.

2022 Cooper SE Features

To overcome the shorter driving distance, the manufacturer has indicated that the 2022 Cooper SE will be one of the least expensive electric vehicles on the market.

But does that mean it will be bare of all the typical extraordinary features of the Mini? The exact opposite is true: the car will come with a host of popular customizable features.

The 2022 Mini Cooper EV is geared towards a certain demographic, those who typically don’t venture out of the city or go on long journeys. Therefore, they will not need to worry about the shorter driving range.

The 2022 Cooper SE looks much the same as the past models, with a small rear seat and tiny cargo space.

The limited cargo space is perfectly suited for a few grocery bags, a laptop, and perhaps a small carry-on. The space is not designed for large luggage.

Released in late 2021

The prototype of the 2022 Mini Cooper electric vehicle has been tested in China, where it will be introduced in the latter part of 2021.

Some novel design features of the Mini 2002 will be a trunk lid and a slightly changed wing mirror. There will also be some minor alterations to the rear and front bumpers to enhance the aesthetics.

With electrical vehicles constantly improving, the Mini electric will come with a battery pack of 28.9kWh/32.6 kWh.

It is hoped that the smaller battery will lead to a faster charge time of fewer than 60 minutes, but all this remains speculative as the manufacturers have been relatively quiet about the features of the Mini electric vehicle.

Currently, there is much global interest in Mini Cooper vehicles primarily because they are solid cars with a great reputation.

They are easy to handle and excellent for driving, especially in urban areas. While the exact price remains to be determined, it will be about $500 more than the 2021 model.

The base price for the Mini Cooper EV will start at $23,750, which is a very respectable and affordable price. 

White 2020 Mini Cooper SE EV Hardtop

How to Choose Among Electric Cars For Sale

If you are on the hunt for a new car, chances are you are looking into a variety of options for increased sustainability, which means you are probably looking at electric cars for sale. 

Every year there are new and improved buying options for electric vehicles for the many who are looking to replace their internal-combustion vehicles with something a bit more eco-friendly. There are some serious advantages to going electric, especially when it comes to your daily commute. That said, popular opinion on electric vehicles has been all over the map with some saying that they just aren’t fun to drive. 

The arrival of the 2020 MINI Cooper SE EV Hardtop has taken the argument of drivability in EVs and flipped it on its head. It has been touted as the most fun to drive of all electric cars for sale. This new SE EV starts out with the same basic platform and body as a standard MINI Cooper Hardtop two-door and basically swaps all of its gasoline-powered bits for the all-electric powertrain from the BMW i3. It’s designed as a sporty option and has  a 0-to-60 mph under 7 seconds. 

This electric MINI has 110 miles of electric range and two levels of regenerative braking to keep the flow of energy back into your vehicle while you drive. Drivers of the new 2020 MINI Cooper SE EV Hardtop could experience an average savings of $632 on gas and $1,500 on maintenance costs a year. You’ll never need to stop for an oil change ever again with your MINI and fewer moving parts means fewer repairs.

The base sticker price for a 2020 Mini Cooper SE electric vehicle is $30,750, which puts it at a measly $2,000 above a base level Cooper S. Charing your MINI Electric will typically cost about a third of what you would spend on fuel for an internal combustion engine. 

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MINI Electric

How Far Does an Electric MINI Go on a Full Charge?

The biggest drawback of electric vehicles for many consumers has been the range, and many have wondered if the fully electric MINI will change some of that. This vehicle, which initially went on sale in March of this year, offers some pretty sweet features for an MSRP of under $30,000. Range, though, was a real concern for many buyers. Fortunately, the electric MINI range on a full charge is 146 miles, which is a respectable amount given the wide industry range today.

MINI Electric Range Is Only the Beginning

The range of this vehicle, though, is only part of its appeal. It will also come loaded with lots of amazing features including Apple CarPlay, heated front seats, and keyless entry. Hoping for a little more? It has auto rain-sensing wipers and headlights, as well as a standard driver assistance package.

For some, an electric car translates to less power, but the MINI comes with 181 horsepower, so you should get the power you’ve come to expect from this vehicle line with the new fully electric model. It can move from zero to 60 in just 6.9 seconds, a feat for an electric vehicle like this one. It has a top speed of 93 miles per hour.

The other real selling point of this vehicle, though, is likely to be the tax credits some buyers will see when they purchase it. Federal tax credits could drop the price as low as $20,000, and when you factor in some available state tax credits, buyers could see even lower prices.

Ideal for the commuter, the fully electric MINI may not get the range of a few other big names on the market today, but it certainly gets a respectable mileage that will get you to and from work every day as you do your part to reduce emissions and live a greener life.

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