Mini Ranks Among Top EVs for Owner Satisfaction

April 06, 2023
ev owner satisfaction rating

Mini Cooper and Rivian are leading the EV world in terms of owner satisfaction! According to J.D. Power, among the best electric vehicles on the market, the Mini EV owner satisfaction is placed at the top with a score of 782. Vehicle quality and reliability were rated best by satisfied customers. Here’s a rundown of the key factors that make the Mini SE a top EV in terms of owner satisfaction.

Insights Into the Mini EV Owner Satisfaction

The Mini SE combines the classic Mini appearance, look, and feel with advanced electric propulsion. Given that Mini already has such a great culture, and they didn’t disappoint with the SE, it’s no surprise that owners are loving there electric Mini Coopers.


Performance is one reason for the high Mini EV owner satisfaction and Mini EV ranking. The 135 kilowatts (kW) engine in the Mini SE makes for thrilling and sporty acceleration. While maintaining its signature go-kart-like performance, it is quiet, has the benefit of the lack of emissions, and costs less to operate than its combustion engine counterpart.


The Mini Electric can be charged from zero to eighty percent in less than thirty minutes, and its battery can power it for up to 145 kilometers, a key reason for the high Mini EV ranking.

Mini Electric’s charging process is straightforward. The AC-AC cable and 3-pin plug that come with your Mini can be used with any regular wall outlet. Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, the new ‘MINI app’ will inform you of the charging status, doors, lights, and mileage.

How Mini Palm Beach Can Help

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