Mini Electric x Polar Bears International

December 19, 2022
mini electric and polar bears international

Mini Electric and Polar Bears International have teamed up in their fight against glacier melt. First off, nothing comes close to the amount of fun packed into a Mini Cooper. Since the first model rolled out of production, the Mini has remained true to what its creators intended it to be: powerful, fun to drive, and economical. In a world faced with a fast-approaching reckoning for its climate injustices, the Mini Electric couldn’t be more welcome. But it’s not just the sustainability side of it that appeals to most people.

The Mini Electric remains rooted in Mini’s origins and delivers the almost surreal comfort, performance, and much-needed economy not found in its counterparts.

So, recently, Mini USA announced its new partnership with Polar Bears International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to polar bears’ welfare and promoting initiatives to save sea ice, which is crucial to the survival of polar bears. Mini electric and Polar Bears International are making strides.

Sustainability with Uncompromised Performance

In what may seem a striking coincidence, Mini Cooper’s origins are tied to sustainability. Back in the aftermath of the Suez crisis, there was a severe fuel supply shortage in Europe.

Back then, most of the fuel destined for Europe went through the Suez Canal. In response to growing calls for a more fuel-efficient vehicle, engineer Alec Issigonis developed the first Classic Mini for the British Motor Corporation. The Classic Mini offered the highly needed fuel economy without compromising creature comforts in the car.

However, the subsequent collaboration between Alec Issigonis and racing car engineer John Cooper led to the evolution of the Classic Mini to the Mini Cooper.

More than 60 years later, we now have the Mini Electric, which promises more comfort and enhanced performance, albeit with a sustainable twist to it. Mini Electric and Polar Bears International are taking sustainability to new levels.

It’s time everyone took a stand on sustainability. What’s better than saving our planet and the precious polar bears while having loads of fun in the process?

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