From the Driver’s Seat – The MINI Hatchback 5 Door

July 15, 2014

MINI Cooper HatchbackDriving any Mini Cooper is always a treat. Speed and handling is always excellent. You get that rush of zipping around town or the highway in a car that loves to provide a fun ride. And now Mini is delivering a brand new MINI Hatchback 5 door version that can carry more people, give you more room overall, and still provide that amazing Mini driving sensation. Braman MINI is definitely excited.

Sliding into the driver’s seat reveals all sorts of delights waiting in the wings. Not only is the Mini designed to hug curves and hightail it down straight-aways, but you’ll discover all sorts of great technology all designed to provide information, safety, and pleasure throughout the drive. Basics are to be expected – such as power windows and brilliant heads-up displays of pertinent information. But there are plenty of other things that will catch your eye.

Absolutely streamlined with bold shapes and smooth curves, the interior design is the first thing you’ll notice. Everything inside is meant to be comfortable and to make the driver feel at home every time he or she climbs in. The attention to detail is fantastic, with circular shapes dominating the overall scheme and working beautifully, from the center console display to the gearshift. You really won’t find another vehicle like it.

At the center, you’ll find a touchscreen that’s a nice size – it’s easy to see and easy to manipulate so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road any longer than necessary in order to pull up maps and other information. Of course, in today’s age of technology, voice controls are a very real possibility, but have not yet been confirmed. You’ll even have access to different driving modes – do you want typical Mini driving fun? Or would you prefer maximum go-kart feel? There is even a Green Mode to increase the Hatchback’s eco-friendliness.

Once the MINI Hatchback 5 door is available and on our side of the ocean, take a test drive at Braman MINI. Just keep in mind that you’re bound to fall in love with it.

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