Express Yourself in the New MINI Convertible

October 23, 2017

New MINI Convertibles

We live in a world where everything is customized. From individually hand-crafted items on Etsy to the concept of “mass customization,” consumers today expect the products they want, the way they want. You can trust the quirkiest brand in the world to deliver! The new MINI Convertible is a canvas: paint your picture!

Color is one of the biggest ways that you can express yourself with the new MINI Convertible. And you’ve got a full palette from which to choose! Three different types of silver, a few blacks, and some of the most vibrant blue colors you’ve ever seen (the Caribbean Aqua is one of our favorites!).


With the MINI convertible, you can also customize virtually every feature from boot to bonnet. Speaking of bonnet: add the white bonnet stripes that lend that special MINI zip. You can choose the type and size wheels you want, and then there’s the interior: Want leather seats? No problem! Prefer to have a piano black surface on the dash? That can be arranged!


And if you’re just as worried about how your MINI works as you are how it looks, you can control that too! Change the standard 6 speed manual transmission to an automatic or boost the power with a 1.5L TwinPower Turbocharged engine. You can even upgrade your alarm system and your stereo. If you want it, it’s possible with the new MINI Convertible.


Even “standard” MINIs offer the chance for customization. You can drive this convertible, for example, in your choice of driving modes: Sport, Green, or Mid. Then there’s the eternal question: top up or top down? MINI throws in another option: both. The 3 in 1 roof acts as a panoramic sunroof.

Stop by Braman to inquire about MINI lease specials. We hear a convertible calling your name!


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