How to Choose Among Electric Cars For Sale

August 15, 2020
White 2020 Mini Cooper SE EV Hardtop

If you are on the hunt for a new car, chances are you are looking into a variety of options for increased sustainability, which means you are probably looking at electric cars for sale. 

Every year there are new and improved buying options for electric vehicles for the many who are looking to replace their internal-combustion vehicles with something a bit more eco-friendly. There are some serious advantages to going electric, especially when it comes to your daily commute. That said, popular opinion on electric vehicles has been all over the map with some saying that they just aren’t fun to drive. 

The arrival of the 2020 MINI Cooper SE EV Hardtop has taken the argument of drivability in EVs and flipped it on its head. It has been touted as the most fun to drive of all electric cars for sale. This new SE EV starts out with the same basic platform and body as a standard MINI Cooper Hardtop two-door and basically swaps all of its gasoline-powered bits for the all-electric powertrain from the BMW i3. It’s designed as a sporty option and has  a 0-to-60 mph under 7 seconds. 

This electric MINI has 110 miles of electric range and two levels of regenerative braking to keep the flow of energy back into your vehicle while you drive. Drivers of the new 2020 MINI Cooper SE EV Hardtop could experience an average savings of $632 on gas and $1,500 on maintenance costs a year. You’ll never need to stop for an oil change ever again with your MINI and fewer moving parts means fewer repairs.

The base sticker price for a 2020 Mini Cooper SE electric vehicle is $30,750, which puts it at a measly $2,000 above a base level Cooper S. Charing your MINI Electric will typically cost about a third of what you would spend on fuel for an internal combustion engine. 

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