LEGO MINI Cooper Kit

January 24, 2015

Who doesn’t love LEGO® bricks?

LEGO products have made a huge comeback in the past several years, and more than ever people are excited about LEGO kits and all the unique things that LEGO has come out with that you can put together. If you love cars, LEGO products can be fun – if you love MINI Coopers, then LEGO just got a whole lot cooler.


LEGO has a LEGO MINI Cooper kit that you can purchase and put together for a classic Cooper that doesn’t just sit on your desk. With little LEGO tires, you can drive it around from place to place – complete with extra details. Indeed, this little MINI Cooper Mk VII is all about the details. LEGO paired up with MINI and didn’t miss a thing. The white roof and white side stripes are just the tip of the iceberg. You can actually remove the roof if you’d like in order to get a better view of the interior, which is full of little goodies that make this something special. The same goes for the hood, which you can flip open to take in the engine, and the boot at the back includes a picnic blanket – complete with basket. Take a quick peek under the cargo floor and you’ll find a spare tire in case you get an imaginary LEGO flat.

LEGO product creators have truly embodied the MINI Cooper Mk VII with this kit. The entire kit is 1,077 pieces, so it’s no small feat to put together. From the tiny exhaust pipe to the rearview mirrors, it has it all. It should come as no surprise that excitement among LEGO fans and MINI fans alike was incredibly high the moment LEGO announced this new kit. It only costs around $100, and given how hard LEGO worked to make this right for everyone out there, it’s well worth it – that and the time it will take you to put together every little piece.

What could be better than this, you say? How about a new (road legal) MINI Cooper for your commute. Check out your South Florida MINI dealer – Braman MINI – to see their selection of new and pre-owned MINI Coopers available today!

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