MINI Could be Joining Team Hybrid

October 24, 2016

MINI Clubman | Braman MINI

Hybrids are growing in popularity – and no small wonder. Now that luxury car makers are finally taking note about people’s desire to enjoy a car that is better for both the environment and their pocketbooks, hybrids have been appearing across the board. And with Tesla making waves throughout the industry, MINI may be the next to take up the reins of luxury hybrid power.

The 2016 MINI Clubman is already out on the scene and people are, understandably, excited. News of a potential MINI Countryman Hybrid is only stoking the fires of interest. Now, keep in mind that this is all still in speculation stage – but it’s quite the juicy rumor! The folks down at Braman’s South Florida MINI dealership won’t be able to confirm or deny anything – but chances are they’re talking about it, too.

Word on the street is that a MINI with the Countryman design has been spotted being test driven. The hint that it might be a hybrid? A sticker on the bumper that read “hybrid test vehicle.” Seems pretty clear cut, but who knows how long MINI will work with the concept and how long it will take them to develop it into something they like – something that aligns with their remarkable and distinctive brand. A stickler for getting things right, MINI isn’t likely to reveal anything to anyone until they’ve got a prime example to show the world. The 2016 MINI Clubman is a good example of that.
In the end, don’t hold out on a MINI hybrid. Without any solid information it might be a while before you have your hands on one. In the meantime, you can achieve exceptional fuel economy with the Countryman. Hybrid or standard, this brand is synonymous with efficiency. And fun. Find out for yourself with a test drive.

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