MINI Countryman Hybrid Upgrade for 2020 Model

February 22, 2019
MINI Countryman Hybrid | 2020 MINI | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida

Oh, MINI, what treats are you going to give us now? There is always something new and different on the horizon; but this time, our favorite bulldog brand is going to address a big issue that was present in its MINI Countryman Hybrid. Many were baffled by the tested range of 14 miles – and the addition of 700 pounds of vehicle. In cars that are prized for their lean, agile presence on the road, this was a glaring issue. Luckily, it is one that the 2020 MINI Countryman Hybrid will take on.

The 2020 MINI will receive a major upgrade: while the previous version has an exceptional drive train that made driving a true joy, again, the range was a problem. Parent company BMW will increase the battery size from 7.6 kWh to 10.7 kWh. This will boost the range to an expected 16 to 20 miles on a full charge.

The extra battery capacity also serves other purposes. It will help deliver optimal performance for a longer duration. The 2020 model will manage power output more precisely. It’ll feature three modes:

  • Max Power: Both engines fire at 100 percent.
  • Normal: The advanced computer system will determine how to apply power and from which of the two engines.
  • Max eDrive: This is 100 percent rear wheel drive electric functionality.

Expect more “juice” in Normal and Max eDrive modes. But regardless of which mode you are in, you’re in a MINI! You’ll have an unparalleled driving experience coupled with the sleek, fun, and quirky style you love.

Look for pricing in the spring of 2019, or stop in at Braman MINI of Palm Beach to learn more about the 2020 MINI Countryman Hybrid. You can also peruse our inventory of other great MINI models for sale or lease now.

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