Why Your MINI Countryman Needs a Roof Tent

July 11, 2019
MINI Countryman Tent | MINI Accessories | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, South Florida

Want the freedom to hit the road, explore, and embark on adventures when – and where – the urge strikes? Don’t want to drag a heavy – and gas guzzling – camper or RV behind you? You’re in luck. The MINI Countryman tent offers an easy, convenient, and cozy way to camp on the road. 

There are a host of MINI accessories designed to enhance your experience even further. One of our favorites – especially in the summer months – is a tent specially designed for the MINI Countryman. The 2019 is the biggest model in MINI history, and it features ALL4 all-wheel drive. This means you can take the road less traveled. And if you decide to stay, you can set up your roof tent.

Designed by Autohome and the MINI Design Team, the AirTop roof tent easily mounts to the MINI Countryman’s roof (you’ll need a roof rail carrier, another useful MINI accessory). As you drive, its light, aerodynamic design won’t impede gas mileage or performance. When you’re ready to sack out, just release two safety clasps at the front and two at the rear. From there, four gas pressure springs automatically raise the superstructure of the tent.

The MINI Countryman tent offers a sleeping area for two measuring 6.9’ x 4.3’, a high density mattress with cotton cover, rain proofing, two doors, two windows with zips, close-meshed nets to keep pesky bugs away, battery powered LED interior lighting, luggage nets, storage pockets, noise and heat insulation, and an aluminum ladder – which makes climbing up on your roof a breeze.

The rooftop design allows you to create a safe barrier between you and bugs, critters, snakes, bears… pretty much every creepy crawly that wants to investigate your campsite. You’ll also eliminate the uncomfortable problem of waking up in a puddle when it rains. Another benefit, with the tent on the roof, you have more cargo space for your gear and room for a bike rack on the back. Perfect!

This is one of the most exciting MINI accessories on the market. Take advantage of the freedom and flexibility it offers!

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