MINI And GOPRO Team Up For The Ultimate Automotive ‘SELFIE’

June 10, 2014

MINI Connected Customers Can Use The MINI Joystick Or MINI Controller To Shoot Videos And Take Photos With A GoPro Camera

Braman-MINI-GoProAs Braman MINI customers know, ‘selfies’ are all the rage today, and auto enthusiasts have been videotaping their more extreme exploits for years, so it only makes sense that a new MINI Connected ready App enables GoPro cameras to be controlled in typical MINI style using the in-car operating system. This makes it possible to start shooting videos or take photographs with a GoPro camera mounted on or inside the car while travelling – intuitively, conveniently and safely. ¬†Owners of an Apple iPhone can download the new MINI Connected ready App free of charge from the Apple App store as of June 2014.¬† For more information on the MINI Connected ready app and GoPro visit

The latest MINI Connected service opens new perspectives for typical MINI motoring fun, providing the ideal way to capture the agile performance qualities of the British models on film. GoPro cameras are specially designed for taking photographs and shooting videos during spectacular sports and leisure activities and are used by racing enthusiasts to document their driving skills in closed-off areas, for example. In future, MINI drivers will be able to concentrate even more closely on the ideal line while having fun on the race track. Thanks to the new MINI Connected ready App, the camera functions can be operated via the high-resolution color display of the center instrument and the MINI Joystick or MINI Controller in the center console, requiring minimum distraction from the track.

This makes MINI the first automobile in the world whose operating system can be used to control GoPro cameras. The car has to be fitted with the MINI Visual Boost, the MINI navigation system or the Wired Package, and it must also have the MINI Connected option. The integration of the app in the vehicle operating system is taken care of via the customer’s Apple Braman-MINI-GoPro-DashiPhone, while the signal exchange with the GoPro camera is ensured by means of a WLAN connection. This enables the camera to be controlled wirelessly – regardless of whether it is mounted inside or outside the car – for example on the bonnet, on the roof or on an exterior mirror – so as to be able to take photos and films high-speed road action.

The driver can use a menu on the MINI operating system not only to start and stop the camera but also to set the shooting mode. There is a choice of video and single-image shots as well as photo bursts with short or long frequency. Special modes are also available to optimize image quality in various motoring situations such as night time or cornering. In addition, the camera can be switched on and off using the MINI operating system, and the charge state of the camera battery can be displayed on the screen along with the strength of the WLAN signal and the remaining recording capacity. When the car is standing still, a preview image is displayed which shows the camera perspective.

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