MINI Palm Beach: The Best Place to Try Your New MINI Cooper

November 17, 2014

Imagine zipping down the highway with Florida sun overhead in a brand new MINI Cooper while you get your holiday shopping finished. Imagine pulling into a crowded shopping mall parking lot and finding the perfect space – fitting into it exactly right, only steps from the door! Doesn’t that sound like a happier holiday season? At MINI Palm Beach, this dream could be yours for a lot less than you might imagine.

Maybe you would like to imagine instead feeling the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair as you drive your 2014 Cooper Convertible. Who doesn’t love a drop top with weather like we get to enjoy? If you thought a convertible was out of reach, then the 2014 Cooper Convertible will have you thinking twice. With a special seasonal offer of $0 down or $199 a month, this adorable little dream can be yours.

Whether you want a convertible or a hard top, there are lots of great reasons to buy a MINI this season. With great fuel efficiency, this little car is no lightweight. It packs 200 horsepower and can compete with other sports cars for performance. The combination of fuel efficiency and power is rare in a vehicle, but the MINI Cooper has it all. Don’t let the size fool you – it has a very roomy interior with plenty of trunk space for those trips to the store, rides to the beach, or even the children’s practices.

If you haven’t visited your MINI car dealer in South Florida, then now is the best time to go take a test drive and check out everything that you have been missing. With incredible deals on leased vehicles, certified pre-owned vehicles and great customer service, you will soon discover why many people feel that buying from Braman MINI in Palm Beach means joining a new family!

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