MINI Rally Car Wins Again at 2015 Dakar Rally

January 12, 2015

Everyone is well aware of the various races, rallies, and challenges that luxury car companies join in which to compete against one other. From the famous Le Mans to various trials in Germany, Italy, and others, there is always just one more race, one more way to prove that their car is the best of the best.

The Dakar Rally

MINI Rally Car

This year MINI jumped at the chance to head to the Dakar Rally, an eight stage off-road endurance race, in which the competitors tackle a wide variety of tough conditions. These sections can contain everything from dunes to rocks, mud to camel grass. The MINI All4 is facing everything that is thrown at it and taking it in stride. In fact, this MINI rally car has won seven out of the eight stages of the Dakar Rally. Starting from Buenos Aires, the course winds down through Chilecito of Argentina, Copiapo of Chile, and into the Andes before heading on to Uyuni of Bolivia. It’s a 9,000 kilometer race in all, and it isn’t easy on the drivers, either.

This Ain’t MINI’s First Rally

This year MINI sought drivers Nasser Al-Attiyah and Mathieu Baumel to navigate the race and take MINI to the top. They haven’t disappointed either. Their skills combined with the MINI All4 have led to a MINI win in the 2015 Dakar Rally. In fact, this isn’t MINI’s first victory here, either. This is MINI’s fourth Dakar Rally victory in a row, beginning in 2012. MINI makes their cars tough, reliable, and now they’ve proved it once again on this rugged racetrack that eats up many competitors.

Nasser Al-Attiyah was excited about the win, stating “The Mini ALL4 Racing is an incredible car and it was again very nice to drive.” Already MINI is looking ahead to other rallies – including Dakar 2016. MINI has met its goals for this year’s Dakar Rally – so next year don’t be surprised to see them set the bar even higher.

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