Need a New Ride? Try The MINI Cooper Countryman

November 24, 2014

MINI Cooper Countryman

Everyone loves the features of a typical MINI Cooper, but sometimes they want the space and benefits of an SUV. Fortunately, the MINI Cooper Countryman steps in to fill that need with some amazing features. If you have ever wanted an SUV but found the other models on the market a bit too bulky for what you are looking for, then here are a few things about the Countryman that you should know.


The MINI Cooper Countryman is a 5-door MINI SUV with four-wheel drive capacity. It combines the best of the crossover concepts with the style and pop the MINI Cooper is best known for. With engine power ranging from 97 all the way to 215 horsepower (depending on the model), this SUV can hold its own against other, bulkier entries into the market.


Unlike some other SUVs, the MINI Cooper Countryman is surprisingly affordable. For just $129 a month, you can lease this powerful little SUV this holiday season. But the Countryman also holds onto its reputation as an efficient fuel burner, just like the rest of its MINI cousins. The MINI is known for its ability to maintain fuel efficiency while sacrificing nothing on power, and the Countryman is no exception. With loads of features and a thorough rating for safety from Europe, you can feel confident handling your Countryman, whether that is taking the kids to practice, having a weekend getaway, or simply going about the tasks of your day.

Now is a great time to come into your MINI Cooper car dealer in South Florida. This holiday season will spark some of the best deals possible on new and pre-owned vehicles that you can get all year. With special deals on leases, you could be driving away and having a happier holiday! Come join our MINI Cooper family and test drive a vehicle today.

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