New Hybrid MINI Countryman

May 13, 2015

2016 MINI Cooper Countryman Plug-In Hybrid Spy PhotoSpying on MINI isn’t a new thing. After all, how else would we know what they might be planning behind those doors? Hoping and speculating can be a lot of fun, with the final result still being a surprise once it’s revealed.

Recently, a spy video has caught the MINI Countryman in full camo cruising around the roads with a single sticker that gives away volumes – “hybrid test vehicle.” This may very well be the first MINI to get a plug-in powertrain, and it looks like it’s going to be the hybrid MINI Countryman. Right now you can expect to find a lot of different ideas being tossed around. Perhaps it will have an electric motor with only about 75kW and 250Nm and be paired with a gas engine. The camo Countryman has been dubbed the Countryman Hybrid, though who knows what MINI will officially call it once they reveal its final design.

When and Can You Pick One Up at Braman MINI?

When will this particular MINI Countryman be available? Hard to say. It depends on what MINI’s timeline might be, how technology advances as they work on the Countryman Hybrid, and what innovations of their own they can incorporate into the car. It wouldn’t be the first time for a spy video to show off a new car, only to have it be years before the true car emerges. So until then, we’ll have to wait and watch – and maybe snap a few more spy photos in the meantime.

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