Previewing the 2014 MINI Cooper

November 19, 2013
2014 MINI Cooper

The new 2014 Cooper is bigger, more fuel efficient and more refined than the model it replaces but MINI fans will be glad to know that the qualities that have made them love and appreciate the previous models so much have all been retained.

The exterior design of the Cooper remains basically the same, with the iconic design remaining one of the car’s strongest selling points. Underneath that exterior you’ll find the BMW Group’s UKL platform, which will eventually feature in the full MINI lineup as well as some BMW models. The UKL comes with front-wheel drive in its most basic form (there is also an all-wheel drive option) and has been designed to accommodate a new generation of engines, including three-cylinder units. To ensure optimum performance, the engines come with TwinPower Turbo technology from BMW Group, which means a twin-scroll turbocharging system, direct fuel injection and solenoid injectors. The base 2014 Cooper will reach 60 mph from rest in around 7.4 seconds (7.3 with an automatic) and reach a top speed of about 130 mph. The Cooper S sees the 0-60 improve to 6.4 seconds (6.3 with an automatic) and top speed reaching approximately 146 mph.

The interior design maintains MINI’s signature round instrument clusters but there are some changes. Important information such as road speed is shown in an instrument cluster positioned behind the steering wheel instead of in the center console. A “MINI Controller” dial is also mounted next to the gear stick, providing the driver with the ability to control much of the infotainment system. The infotainment system, called “MINI Connected”, lets you stay connected to the outside world. It offers integration of smartphones in the car, allowing the use of internet-based services for both Android and Apple operating systems. The range of available driver assistance systems, such as the head-up display, backup camera, collision and pedestrian warning systems and parking assistant, has been significantly expanded.

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you step inside a new MINI, and excited about getting it out on the open road. You can visit to browse our inventory and specials, and find the MINI you want to drive off of our lot today!

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