Stay Connected with MINI Journey Mate App

August 08, 2016

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For most MINI drivers, the brand symbolizes adventure, fun, and spontaneity. So rather than planning out aspects of your upcoming trip using several apps or– dare we say, a paper map!– a single app can tell you everything you need to know about your journey. MINI introduces its MINI Journey Mate App. It will change how you road trip.

The bad habits that we always engage in during trips, such as waiting until the last possible minute to gas up, even though we are white-knuckling the steering wheel, will be unlearned with the Journey Mate App. Your smartphone plugs directly into your MINI and gauges your fuel level. The app alerts you when your gas is below a designated level and directs you to the nearest gas station.

Another great feature is the app’s parking assistance. After all, you can’t be the only driver who shows up 10 minutes late because you couldn’t find a parking space. It happens to us all! This app directs you and adds parking time into the arrival time, so that you are never awkwardly late again. Further, it helps you find your parking spot, which is particularly helpful if your adventure includes a less familiar destination.

One of the most ingenuitive aspects of this app is that you can see your destination’s weather in order to plan your journey accordingly. You can also see traffic patterns, and the app will redirect you to avoid major annoying stops.

The app takes the stress out of traveling, and also becomes an effective copilot on your travels. Best of all, it is available for leasees as well, so be sure to check out your local MINI Specials. For those looking to take the dive and choose their very own MINI Cooper for sale, this app will be an added incentive. Either way… road trip? Yes.

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