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MINI Teases Electric Hardtop

The MINI electric is an exciting prospect. The MINI hardtop lends itself well to a fully electric vehicle. It’s already a light but strong car with an aesthetic that blends modern functionality with a retro look. That’s just another way of saying it’s a lot of fun to drive.

A Tease of Things to Come

The currently teased MINI electric looks very good. It maintains that funky MINI look with its big, round headlights and unsubtle features. The look is smart and eye-catching.

We still don’t know the exact details of the electric MINI hardtop, but it looks like it will have a single, front-mounted motor. At the rate that battery technology is advancing, MINI is staying quiet on the exact specs.

This is smart, since what’s available closer to production may present even better options than what’s available today. What we do know is that it will continue to push MINI’s classic mobility forward. Performance and nimble handling should feel familiar and advanced.

What We Do Know

The grille will obviously be sealed off, since the electric motor won’t need it. The four-spoke wheels that are unique to the teased concept car will be kept for the production line, which should get underway come 2019.

Range is anticipated at 200 miles or more. This again depends on the exact battery specs at the time of production. Electric vehicles are, of course, easier and less expensive to maintain. Join this with potential tax credits and they become extremely sensible vehicles to own.

An Electric Wave

With this in mind, the new MINI electric is part of a larger push by BMW Group to launch 12 new fully electric cars by 2025. The new electric MINI should be one of the most affordable in that group, allowing drivers to enjoy superb, fully electric performance as soon as next year.

We’re excited to see what this new MINI hardtop has to offer, how it performs, and how owners customize theirs. More than anything, though, we can’t wait to see how owners decide to show off their new MINI electric.

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MINI Hardtop 2-Door an IIHS Top Safety Pick

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety knows a few things about safe cars. They’re in charge of testing them, so it comes as no surprise that the  2-door came out as a top safety pick when paired with Active Driving Assistant and LED headlights. MINI Cooper safety is a priority, which makes sure you and yours are as protected as possible on the road.

Crash Avoidance

What does the IIHS do to determine this ranking? It crashes a lot of cars. Experts have specific tests they perform. First, they analyze how good a vehicle is at avoiding a crash. Will it brake in time, how do certain elements of the car respond? They simulate real driver reactions so that the timing is the same as how a driver responds. Second, they analyze how well passengers would sustain a crash if it did occur.

Injury Avoidance

Engineers intentionally crash the car and measure how well the car and its passengers hold up. Crash test dummies are a lot more complex than they used to be and include tools like accelerometers to measure various forces exerted. Ideally, a car should absorb the impact of a crash without transferring the force of that impact to its passengers. The MINI hardtop excelled at these tests, demonstrating great strength and resilience.

Top Safety Options

MINI Cooper safety goes even further with the Active Driving Assistant. The IIHS measured that it reduces the impact of a 25 mph crash by an average of 7 mph. In many crashes, that can be the difference between major and minor injuries.

The LED headlights were also found to be good safety options. They provide more light in cornering situations and automatically dim high beams for oncoming vehicles.

The MINI hardtop 2-door is known for being a fun car with a lot of verve and attitude. It’s popular because it has so much life and energy to it. MINI Cooper safety means it doesn’t just have life – it also protects yours.