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A Look at Why Owners Will Love the MINI Cooper App

Besides the performance wars among car manufacturers, we have now entered the digital age and the app wars have started. To stay head and shoulders above the competition, MINI has released its own MINI Cooper app for owners in the USA. With the introduction of the app for MINI owners, MINI will now allow its customers a new level of service and connectivity for their cars. The MINI Cooper app can easily be downloaded at no cost and has many great features, including integration with Amazon’s Alexa, navigation features, and remote access to the car. More importantly, MINI owners can also send navigation destinations from third-party apps. 

For owners, the new app for MINI owners will be the universal interface for their MINIs, displaying all types of information, including remote service, time of service, and car status. In addition, the app will quickly show if the MINI is locked or unlocked. If you are the one who is always forgetting where you parked the MINI, fear no more as the app also comes with a vehicle finder button. And if you have your hands full and can’t be pressing buttons, Amazon’s Alexa will make your life easier by offering rapid connectivity through voice control. In addition, Alexa will also be compatible with other smart home devices and will check your messages, play music, and perform searches.

The best part is that the MINI Cooper app will also monitor your car service requirements and intervals and allow you to make any service appointments not only for your all-electric MINI Cooper SE, but also for the MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid. The app for MINI owners also provides access to MINI roadside assistance.

The app for MINI owners provides you with immediate details about your MINI like vehicle status (oil info), ventilation/climate control, charge and climate timer, charging history, and access to charging stations.

Further, the MINI Cooper app always knows your location. Other functions include map search, free text search, dealer search, points of interest search, parking detail screen, and destination details.

To make your driving hassle-free, other functions in the app include financial services, roadside assistance, and reporting a problem. In addition, the app will provide you with all the latest information on MINIs, recalls, service alerts, and scheduling an appointment.

The app has very similar features to those rolled out by BMW. The MINI app started the rollout last year and hopes to have it launched in more than three dozen countries in 23 languages globally. The MINI app is all about enhancing your connectivity to the digital world and keeping you firmly in control whether you are outside or inside your MINI. 

To learn more about the MINI, visit Braman Motorcars online, in person, or call them at 1-561-666-4791.

Mini Cooper Custom Roof Art

Get Customized: Limited Edition Mini Cooper Roof Art

The rejuvenation of the MINI Cooper two decades ago has been a resounding success and one of the reasons why this vehicle has done well is because the manufacturer has continued to be innovative, creative, and forward-thinking. Worldwide, close to 350,000 MINIs are sold each year and the reasons for the popularity include: 1) it’s a really fun car to drive; 2) it’s less expensive than a lot of other “fun” cars; 3) it’s easy to park; and 4) it’s just the right size for inner-city driving. 


MINI has always believed in the self-expression of its cars. Now, there is one more added artistic feature to the car, a designer MINI Cooper roof art, which gives the MINI added glamour and a unique, distinctive look. The MINI Cooper limited edition roof art best describes MINI’s motto, “We are all different, but we’re better together.”


The MINI Cooper manufacturer has collaborated with three creative artists to uplift the roof with a creative, exotic, and vibrant design. The initial prototypes of the MINI Cooper roof art look absolutely fantastic! MINI USA says that the MINIs with the three art pieces layered on the roof will only be available for a limited time. Further, the murals will also be showcased in the suburbs of Brooklyn and Soho, New York, and Portland, Oregon.

This artistic collaboration is part of MINI’s “Big Love” campaign, which is intended to spread love and peace among different cultures and races. MINI USA believes that this MINI Cooper limited edition roof art will send a powerful message to the masses about peace, fun, and love. The rooftop designs are vibrant, vivid, colorful, and they are eye-catching and mesmerizing, potentially provoking thought and conversations about the world trying to live as one. Besides showcasing the artistic talent, MINI is also showcasing sustainability in a fun and creative way at the same time.

The three artists who have designed the MINI rooftops include:

  • Rich Tu is a Filipino artist who calls his work “Hiraya,” which means, “fruit of hopes, dreams, and aspiration.” He has created a hand image with an eye in the center with surrounding tendrils.
  • Shane Griffin, who calls his artwork GRIF, has created a multicolored sheet flapping in the wind. Originally from Ireland, Shane lives in New York and has also worked for Apple, Nike, Kanye West, Adidas, and many others.
  • Shawna X is another New Yorker who has created the artwork, “Roads we travel,” which shows people in different poses with colorful ovals in the rear. She utilizes several mediums to showcase her art, including spatial, digital, and motion spaces.


MINI USA will be offering the custom-designed MINI Cooper limited edition roof art by the three artists to celebrate National Immigrants Day. This day was first celebrated in 1987 at the 101st anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. This annual observance is a reminder of America’s immigration history and its contributions to society. All donations will go towards supporting the American immigration council. Way to go, MINI! The pricing of the MINI Cooper roof art models has not been released yet.

To learn more about MINI Coopers and perhaps drive one for yourself, see Braman Motorsports MINI. Customize your MINI with one of these three eclectic designs today and tell the world how you feel.

2018 MINI | MINI Cooper Road Rally | Braman MINI Palm Beach, FL

2018 MINI Takes the States a Success

MINI Coopers have always been a great road rally car. Nowhere was this highlighted better than MINI Takes the States 2018. The MINI Cooper road rally was hosted on both sides of the country this July.

More than 1,000 MINI drivers gathered in Orlando, FL and Portland, OR on July 14. They drove the 2018 MINI and models from other years, converging at Keystone Report in Keystone, CO on July 20. It was all done to raise money for Feeding America.

Feeding America

The charity partner raised an incredible amount with the road rally and the associated #DriveForMore campaign. Feeding America is a stellar nonprofit dedicated to supplying more than 200 food banks, and operating food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters across the country. They help feed more than 46 million people.

Fundraising Success!

The MINI Cooper road rally stretched 5,000 miles in all, with each side driving 2,515 miles. It included 15 American cities and 14 US states. The event in 2016 raised enough money for one million meals. 2018’s road rally topped this, providing at least 1.1 million meals (and counting).

How It Happens

Each rally participant pays a registration fee, part of which is donated to Feeding America. Food donations are collected at the rally sites, and every participating MINI driver can set up a fundraising page, which can be grouped person by person or by teams.

Participants get a badge they can display on their MINI, collecting additional badges as they hit donation milestones. These badges help someone feel proud and serve as conversation piece – and they also help encourage others to join in and donate.

The 2018 MINI

MINI itself came to the US in 2002 and has been overwhelmingly popular ever since. The 2018 MINI models are some of the most dynamic and playful models yet, with agile handling, spacious and comfortable cabins, and exceptional safety. These traits should serve them well in any future rally, commute, road trip, or journey to help others.

The Complete Guide to West Palm Beach Events: Winter 2016

As we embark on 2016, the New Year brings a new calendar of exciting events and activities happening throughout West Palm Beach and surrounding Palm Beach County communities. As your hometown Mini new and used car dealership in West Palm Beach, we want to keep you abreast of all the exciting events happening throughout our area as South Florida kicks off the the New Year.

To help with your 2016 West Palm Beach event planning, we compiled a list of the top “can’t miss” events and activities that you should circle on your calendar.

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