Don’t just Buy a MINI, Create a MINI

July 04, 2016

Buy a MINI | Braman Bentley

Finally, a car that matches your rebellious spirit and reflects your exquisite taste. The new MINI Clubman boasts that buyers have over 10 million ways to create a MINI. Are you ready to MINI Yours?

For both 2-and 4-door hardtop MINI Clubmans, the aptly named MINI Yours program is an excellent way to customize everything from that intense metallic Lapisluxury exterior color you have always fantasized about (it was originally a color for royalty- how suiting) to the Real-Time Traffic Information display to get you to your destination faster and safer.

You can design your Clubman from the outside in. And, if this was not enough reason to buy a MINI, the options now include go beyond those iconic Union Jack mirrors you have been coveting. For example, why settle for one driving mode? The 1.5L twinpower turbocharged engine can be paired with the MINI Driving Modes. These give you more handling control or more fuel efficiency depending on your mood and the terrain beneath you. This way, you can customize your MINI’s performance– after you have already customized the car itself.  

The MINI Clubman also boasts more interior space than ever, making it feel less like a MINI inside and more like a clubhouse. Adding to that is the option for a Harman/Kardon Sound System that includes 12 speakers throughout the vehicle, and the mood lighting that includes 12 settings and 255 colors to match your personality.

Perhaps the most fun feature is the dual-pane sunroof, which is as huge as it is refreshing. If you are not quite sure if you should choose the standard center display or upgrade to the 8.8” XL display complete with audiobook access and other infotainment, you can always check out each feature at a MINI dealership nearest you. They can help answer all your MINI questions.

Don’t buy a MINI; create one. And don’t just drive it. Experience it.

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