Reviewing the MINI Cooper Countryman Hybrid

May 10, 2018
MINI Countryman Hybrid | Braman MINI Palm Beach

The MINI Countryman Hybrid is one of our favorite SUVs. It manages to be light and responsive, with room enough for both passengers and cargo. What should you know when signing that Countryman MINI Cooper lease?

Perfect Balance

This is a smaller SUV that’s fun to drive. Steering is responsive and firm, making it a perfect mid-ground for both weekend trips and daily driving.

The MINI Countryman Hybrid finds the sweet spot of adventure and routine, and manages to give it to us with a hybrid powertrain. The balance of the design is spot-on. It feels good cornering on a wild and winding highway, and it’s responsive when maneuvering through traffic.

The base model offers up a 134 combined horsepower version with a turbocharged 1.5-liter, 3-cylinder engine. For more zip out of the gate, there are 189 and 228 combined horsepower options. The Countryman feels much more aggressive even when loaded with cargo.

All the Little Touches in the MINI Countryman Hybrid

Its plug-in hybrid features mean that it can run on electric alone. This is useful for local and city driving and can save you substantially on gas costs.

Where the MINI Countryman Hybrid shines is in the experience. The infotainment system offers deep options and links well with a variety of apps. The transmission is exceptionally well attuned, and the suspension handles multiple surfaces skillfully. The noise levels are kept reasonably low, which can make the drive more calming.

Touches such as backup camera, heated front seats, sunroof, and dual-zone automatic climate control all contribute to the MINI’s superior comfort. That’s really what it’s all about. This is an SUV that’s just comfortable, that is intricately designed yet uncomplicated to drive. It’s built around the driver and the driver’s needs.

Not many cars feel designed to remove stress from a hard day, the daily commute, or errands you just don’t want to run this minute. This is one that can absorb some of that stress, and let you move through the day with more calm and control.

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