MINI Folding Bike

February 27, 2015

Lime MINI Folding Bike

Love MINI? Love all the things that they do? Want a little something extra from MINI that you can really enjoy? It’s not a car – instead, it’s a MINI folding bike.

MINI makes a lot of unique items that showcase their logo and their personal attention to detail. This includes another way for you to get to work or get in a little bit of extra exercise if you want. Or simply cruise the park or the busy city streets in style. This MINI bike comes in a bold, Lime Punch color that will draw eyes toward you. This is a true MINI original. The lightweight aluminum frame makes this bike easy to move around, whether you’re doing the work yourself or have a moment where you need to carry it along. The design of the bike makes folding it up easy – it can’t be called a MINI folding bike if it doesn’t actually fold, right? The folded design makes carrying and storing easy.

As you ride, you can easily appreciate the eight-speed gear system, giving you the ability to make pedaling as simple or as resistant as you need it to be. The chain is dirt-repellant, utilizing Teflon coating to keep it moving smoothly no matter what the conditions. Twenty-inch wheels keep you moving forward, and should they ever need an extra boost of air, there is a pump integrated into the saddle. The ex-works Klickfix adapter above the front wheel provides even more benefits as you ride. This allows you to attach different bags or baskets to the front of the bike in case you decide to run a few errands while out and about.

MINI knows how to make fun things. The MINI folding bike may come as a surprise to those who never realized that MINI did more than cars, but it can really be a useful tool for anyone looking to get a new bike for multiple purposes.

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