MINI Takes the Gold with “The Defiants”

September 20, 2016

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Unexpected stories are always appreciated. They are the kind that get written into legend, into the annals of history. And MINI highlighted numerous Olympic athletes this year due to their amazing stories and ability to defy the odds. In this, MINI has dubbed them “The Defiants” and showcased these athletes in an ad to support them and everything they do.

The ad wasn’t just about MINI Cooper deals. It was about showing how it is important to overcome labels, how these labels are not what defines us, and we are who we want to be – even if sometimes it means fighting against the odds. Some of the athletes included were Jake Gibb, a volleyball player who is a two-time survivor of cancer, IIbtihaj Muhammad who is a Muslim fencer, and Carlin Isles, a Rugby player who was once marginalized as “a special ed kid.” Labels have followed these folks – and more – throughout their lives, and they’ve had to work hard in order to show people their true abilities.

Other athletes who participated in unscripted interviews about their challenges included Serena Williams, boxer Claressa Shields, boxer Carlos Balderas, weight-lifter Morgan King, and swimmer Cullen Jones. Each of them had a story to tell, and MINI wanted to help them reach ears across  the nation.

Braman Palm Beach supports MINI’s campaign in every way, and we’re proud to be a part of such an amazing company that goes to the lengths it does. They, too, encourage you to defy labels. You are not just what others say you are. Far from it. You are you – and you decide what that means. Be yourself at Braman Palm Beach and drive home knowing you’ve done something for yourself. Something that will enhance your life and open up new possibilities.

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