New MINI John Cooper Works (JCW) Hatch Promo Video

May 07, 2015

MINI JCW Hatch in Gray

Hoping for a new MINI JCW for sale? Look no further. The new MINI John Cooper Works Hatch is out and coming to a MINI Cooper dealership in South Florida near you.

The new MINI JCW Hatch is a zippy car that takes curves easily, speeds down the road when you want it to, and sounds absolutely terrific with an engine that purrs loudly and proudly, but remains relatively quiet otherwise when you’re in the cabin having a blast driving it around. MINI UK brought out a demo video for people to watch in which an expert driver takes the new MINI JCW Hatch around a track. The track has plenty of twists and turns to tackle, which the driver does with absolute ease.

From the gorgeous design to the LED lights to even the stylish tire rims, there’s something for everyone in the MINI JCW Hatch. It offers plenty of room inside for driver and passengers, and it has the kind of power you always know that MINI will bring to the table. The video itself is only a minute and twenty-two seconds long, but it gives you insight into what you can expect from the MINI JCW Hatch. That is, if you aren’t out the door looking for a new MINI JCW for sale after about thirty seconds.

You can always visit the Braman MINI Cooper dealership in South Florida to discover all the current MINI models available. Want the new MINI JCW Hatch but have to wait? Check into some of the current MINI lease deals in order to enjoy a MINI right now and then simply trade up for the MINI JCW Hatch once it arrives at Braman MINI. It’s an excellent way to own any number of MINI vehicles, including the current MINI John Cooper Works.

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