5 Reasons to Buy a MINI Cooper

July 25, 2018
Buy a MINI Cooper | MINI Cooper Owners | Braman MINI Palm Beach, Florida

Why buy a MINI Cooper? Let us count the ways! From a design that conveys a heavy dose of attitude to a performance heartbeat making itself known in every curve, MINI Cooper owners know they’ve got an agile car that will surprise even the most jaded critic. In other words: the MINI Cooper’s just going to make you smile.

  1. Appreciate its design. Few other cars leap out and tell you to enjoy – thoroughly. The MINI Cooper’s practical, sure, but it’s also art you can drive. In the middle of the city, it fits in. On the beach? It fits in. On the road for a camping weekend? It fits in. It fits in precisely because it stands out as fun and unique – and fun and unique fits in anywhere.
  2. Double down on agility. When you buy a MINI Cooper, you’re getting one of the most nimble cars on the market. It’s not going to beat a Porsche on grand touring, but it can literally drive circles and drift figure eights around it. The MINI’s not interested in drag racing you; it wants to impress you with tight, nifty, agile racing.
  3. Driving should FEEL fun. MINI Cooper owners aren’t pretending to fly spaceships or staring and swearing at the 10,000 knobs and dials underneath their arm. They are feeling the bite of tire on the road, the eager burst of the engine, the lean of the next turn. The MINI’s got racing blood in it, with a long heritage of track duels and impressive rallies.
  4. The price is good. Heck, to you can buy a MINI Cooper pre-owned when you’re still in college or the one working on the renovation. They’re accessible in a way most cars with their attitude and performance aren’t.
  5. They have more space than you think. Expect comfort – even if you’re tall. You can fit a family comfortably or two people with luggage on a romantic getaway.

For what you’d use a car like this to do, it’s going to come through every time, and it’s going to be reliable doing it.

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