Check Out Our Braman MINI Cooper Lease Specials in South Florida

February 02, 2016
MINI Cooper Convertible | Braman MINI West Palm Beach

Buying a MINI is exciting. These compact, powerful cars love to zip in and out of traffic, take on curves like no other, and zoom down straight roads like the wind. It’s easy to have a blast in a MINI Cooper Convertible, or any MINI for that matter. But what if you can’t decide on which MINI you want? That problem is quickly solved with Braman MINI Cooper lease specials. You get great choices, save money, and after the lease term is up, get to come back for something brand new.

You could start with the 2015 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door lease special. You can pick your MINI Cooper Hardtop 2 Door and pay just $129 per month for twenty-four months. You can’t beat savings like that!!

Or how about the MINI Cooper Hardtop 4-Door instead? Braman MINI Cooper lease deals give you so many choices! You can put down 15% and pay $159 per month, 5% down and pay $219 per month, or 0% down and pay $259 per month.

Need a little extra room? Maybe the MINI Cooper Clubman is more your style. With BRaman MINI’s spectacular MINI Cooper Clubman lease special this month, you could get a brand new MINI for just $149 per month for a twenty-four month lease.

MINI Cooper Convertible | Braman MINI West Palm Beach

Of course, there’s always the exciting 2015 MINI Cooper Convertible. Try putting 15% and just pay $199 per month. 5% down? Pay only $289 per month. Choose the 0% down option? Just $329 per month. Every offer gives you 36 months to have a blast in these cars. Once you’re done, pick something brand new!

Take a look at the Braman MINI Cooper lease specials and choose your favorite today.

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