How much cargo space does a MINI Cooper Countryman have?

October 19, 2021
MINI Countryman Cargo Space

The recently introduced Mini Cooper Countryman is a subcompact three-cylinder vehicle with an elegant cabin made of high-quality materials and has many options that can be customized.

The Countryman is fun to drive, agile, and gets you around without any hassles. One question that many potential buyers ask is, “How much cargo space does the MINI Cooper Countryman have?”

The first thing to appreciate is that the Countryman is a compact crossover, and the cargo space is somewhat limited due to the design.

Since the MINI Cooper Countryman has the transmission and engine mounted in the front, the rest of the MINI is freed up to maximize both the rear storage and passenger space.

The MINI Countryman cargo space may be somewhat modest and a tad smaller than other subcompact SUVs, but it offers a number of storage nooks where personal items can be stashed.

The rear seats can provide some maneuverability by sliding backward and forwards, and that can help with cargo and passenger space.

The Countryman MINI Cooper seating offers ample head and legroom, and the seats are supportive of good posture.

A power driver seat is a MINI Cooper seating option that can increase the support and comfort of a longer trip for the driver.

Considering the overall shape and size of the vehicle, the MINI Countryman cargo space is not huge, but it is considered ample for its size.

The MINI Cooper seating can accommodate five persons (although four would be more comfortable) and the option of adjustable seats (moving eight different ways) is available.

The Countryman is second to the MINI Clubman in terms of MINI cargo space at 47.4 cubic feet.  If you have the Countryman plug-in hybrid, the space is slightly less.

This means that because the rear seats can slide forward and backward, you can increase the cargo space to carry several suitcases, including your set of golf clubs.

The 2022 Cooper Countryman is, in fact, bigger in all dimensions than the previous models; therefore, you will note that the cargo space can be adjusted to be a little larger.

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