• MINI JD Power Awards

    MINI Awards & Accolades

    • December 20, 2014
    Achieving Greatness Since 2003 MINI isn’t one to shy away from the racetrack, the competition, or the scrutiny of others. MINI has always strived to be at the top. To be a part of the best, if not the best, in the world of cars. Their eye for detail, innovative ideas, and endless checking and double-checking
  • MINI Holiday Savings
    Want a MINI this Holiday Season? Looking to get someone a little something super special this holiday season? Braman MINI has amazing Christmas specials that could easily be exactly what you’re looking for. There are dozens of MINI deals to choose from, so take your time to peruse what Braman has to offer in order
  • MINI_Store_Online
    All The Best MINI Gifts in One Location! Choosing the right gift can sometimes become rather difficult. What do you get for the person who has everything? Even if they have a MINI vehicle – what can you get them that will top that? Remember, it isn’t about topping anything; it’s about giving them something
  • Braman MINI Gift Ideas

    • December 06, 2014
    Looking for the Right Gift for that MINI Enthusiast on Your List? Gift giving this holiday season doesn’t have to be difficult. When it comes to finding and buying just the right gifts, when you know someone loves MINI vehicles, then they’ve practically done the shopping for you! At the Braman Auto website or the
  • Choosing vehicles is always a difficult task. There are so many great choices out there, and all of them have something to bring to the table for you to consider. Brand new cars are in pristine condition – especially luxury cars like MINI Coopers. No miles on them. Untouched and ready for the road. However,
  • Why Buy a Certified Pre-Owned MINI Cooper? If you want to purchase a pre-owned MINI Cooper, you want to find the best bargain possible. You probably have an idea of what you would like to pay for the vehicle, and you certainly want to avoid taking that 20 percent depreciation right off the lot. You
  • MINI Cooper Countryman Everyone loves the features of a typical MINI Cooper, but sometimes they want the space and benefits of an SUV. Fortunately, the MINI Cooper Countryman steps in to fill that need with some amazing features. If you have ever wanted an SUV but found the other models on the market a bit
  • Imagine zipping down the highway with Florida sun overhead in a brand new MINI Cooper while you get your holiday shopping finished. Imagine pulling into a crowded shopping mall parking lot and finding the perfect space – fitting into it exactly right, only steps from the door! Doesn’t that sound like a happier holiday season?
  • All of South Florida in One Car! When you imagine the South Florida scene, you imagine sunshine, palm trees, free-spiritedness and energy. Did you ever think that a car could capture all those qualities? Well, all those features are captured in the MINI Cooper, which might as well be an ambassador for South Florida fun. Here
  • MINI = Ease and Efficiency If you have ever wanted to get in on the Braman MINI Cooper sale, this holiday season is the best time to explore the many reasons why people love their MINIs. Besides the catchy design, the cute colors and the attitude, there are two very important reasons to see if