• Why Buy a MINI Cooper?

    • November 01, 2014
    What Makes the MINI So Special? You’ve seen them by now nearly every place you have been: that adorable size, those eye-popping colors, the convenience of parking, that surprising amount of storage. What’s not to love? If you have been putting off coming in to Braman MINI, here are some great new reasons to check
  • Time for a new car – or is it? Perhaps it’s time for a pre-owned MINI Cooper, which can help save you some money all while still getting you a fantastic car in the process. Pre-owned cars are carefully looked at before they make it back to the sales floor, ensuring that you get a
  • For Sale: MINI Cooper

    • October 21, 2014
    You may have seen the signs or the occasional ad: “used MINI Cooper for sale West Palm Beach, Florida”. Perhaps it has piqued interest in you. Have you ever owned a MINI Cooper? Would you like to have a MINI Cooper to drive around Palm Beach? If that’s true, do you have to concern yourself
  • Plenty of Cargo Space in the MINI Countryman The MINI Countryman – now available at Braman MINI – is the first MINI with four doors, a large tailgate, five seats, optional all-wheel drive and up to 42.2 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats folded flat – plenty enough for a weekend trip. 
  • It’s time to set out on an adventure. Many may not view car shopping as an adventure, but when you’re planning to invest in a MINI Cooper and you go to the right MINI Cooper dealership, then it most certainly can be. That’s because the time you spend shopping won’t be full of hassles, frustrations,
  • There’s something very delightful about shopping around for a MINI Cooper. Not just a car, but a MINI Cooper. Their size, style, handling, and comfort all come together to create a truly enjoyable vehicle. A luxury car packed into a neat little bundle that can get you to and from work or ready for a
  • Are you excited? You should be if you’re planning to invest in a brand new MINI Cooper. MINI Coopers are fun to drive, whether you’re zooming down a straight road or corkscrewing your way up an incline. They’re built to handle tight corners and all the while providing you with a comfortable ride and all
  • MINI dashboard
    MINI Coopers are the sort of car that will bring a smile to almost anyone’s face – especially drivers and passengers. Their compact design still allows them to be surprisingly spacious inside, and the power under the hood gives them the pep they need to boost down the road with zero problems. Handling on MINIs
  • Pre-Owned MINI Coopers MINI Coopers are amazing little cars. Spacious on the inside, powerful under the hood, and an absolute blast to drive, it’s no wonder that many people who own a MINI Cooper stick with it for years to come. If you’re considering a MINI Cooper in the near future, but aren’t sure you can