• 2019 MINI Cooper | Braman MINI
    Auto manufacturers often go to great lengths to keep updates and changes under wraps until they can plan a big reveal. And, it naturally follows, auto aficionados go to equally great lengths to uncover new additions and interactions. This is why we have some early intel on the 2019 MINI Cooper 4-Door model – its
  • New Year’s resolution: live life to the fullest. You can start by driving to the fullest! If you’re tired of stale rides and endless commutes, it is time to inject some fun back into the road. And we have just the set of wheels for you. 2018 MINI Cooper Countryman Review: A Quick MINI Countryman Review
  • Mini Countryman Hybrids

    • December 10, 2017
    What Mini Countryman Hybrids Are Available? You love the MINI. You love the price; you love the style; you love how you feel driving it. But you’re trying to go green and you want a vehicle that doesn’t rely exclusively on fossil fuels. Let’s welcome the MINI Cooper hybrids! The quirky brand has decided to add
  • Reviewing the 2018 MINI Clubman John Cooper Works Looking to get your hands on one of the most powerful Mini Coopers of all time? Say “hello” to the 2018 Mini Clubman John Cooper Works Countryman. It packs a major MINI punch. Thanks to a 2.0 liter turbocharged 1-4, this 2018 MINI Clubman churns out a more-than-respectable
  • Mini Heritage & 50 Years of Excellence It’s interesting to think about how now-iconic products were invented. I mean, have you ever stopped to wonder who invented the first s’mores? (Thank you, whoever it was!) Some questions we’ll just never have answers to. But we do have an understanding about why the MINI was created.
  • New MINI Convertibles We live in a world where everything is customized. From individually hand-crafted items on Etsy to the concept of “mass customization,” consumers today expect the products they want, the way they want. You can trust the quirkiest brand in the world to deliver! The new MINI Convertible is a canvas: paint your
  • Do you know why so many vehicles give their owners increased headaches as they get older? If you’ve ever purchased a used vehicle, you might have been on a first-name basis with your mechanic because you’re in the shop so often. But why do some used vehicles seem to break down constantly while others don’t?
  • What is today but a high speed, high tech world? With a few clicks of a mouse, or swipes on a phone, you can any item you want right at your fingertips. The internet and modern gadgetry has revolutionized our world – and shifted it over to the fast lane. In this fast-paced world, vehicles
  • When we’re young we often dream of having a high-end luxury car. As we get older, however, we become more practical and realize that while there are definitely occasions to own a luxury car, there are also times when you need something a little bigger and less ostentatious. That’s when a wagon is a great
  • The New & Improved MINI Cooper Clubman Sure, there are cars you instantly recognize as they drive by. Their makes and models are so ubiquitous, so common, that you could identify them in your sleep. And then, there are the others. The elite. The exclusive. The ones you not only recognize – but desire. The