• A great number of people in the automotive industry have changed their minds about cars. It used to be that the bigger the vehicle, the louder, the more powerful, the better it was perceived by both critics and consumers. Now, however, drivers have made their voices heard: they want smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles that
  • When you step onto the lot of a South Florida MINI dealership, you may at first be overwhelmed with the stunning selection of MINI vehicles right at your fingertips. As you search for the perfect new MINI for sale, you’ll quickly notice how pristine each car looks – and it isn’t just because it’s new.
  • There are a lot of things that people enjoy that they wish could be incorporated into their car. Various Apple-related capabilities is often at the top of the list. You can rest easy now, because the 2017 MINI Countryman will feature something special for all the Apple fans out there (and perhaps help convert a
  • People love cars that are versatile, reliable, safe, and well-made. MINI is certainly all of the above! Savvy drivers across the nation utilize MINI lease specials to get a brand new MINI for a few years before trading up for the next one. But what does that mean for the beloved bulldog that they trade
  • Are you prepared for the 2017 MINI John Cooper Works Clubman? You’d better be, because it’s finally made its debut! After great anticipation, this MINI is more than ready to be out on the road and showing you what it can do. From ts amazing authentic racing feel to the real power beneath the hood, you’ll
  • What are the John Cooper Works MINI Coopers? What are John Cooper Works models? They are MINI – maximized. If you love the quirky, spirited fun of these zippy vehicles but wish they were just a bit more aggressive, JCW editions are the solution for which you’ve been searching. When you think of high performance
  • According to auto folklore, the one and only Henry Ford reportedly quipped that a customer could have his car painted any color he liked – as long as it was black. Fortunately, times have changed. Today’s top brands empower their customers to truly personalize their vehicles. This is especially true of the funky, fun, and
  • MINI is Going Electric!

    • November 24, 2016
    MINI is a unique brand. Not only is their distinct bulldog styling instantly recognizable – and much beloved all over the globe – but their history is steeped in practicality, value, and innovation. Created during a fuel crisis, the MINI was designed to offer an efficient, affordable ride. Today, the brand, under BMW leadership, is
  • Your MINI is special to you. MINI knows this. That’s why they make them with such care and attention to detail. But there’s more to it than that, and they make sure to go the extra mile for you. That’s why every MINI comes with a warranty at no cost to you. Something not working
  • Been eyeing the new MINI Cooper for sale? There are definitely more than a few to choose from. Your final choice will most likely come down to personal preference in terms of design, size, and aesthetics. Why just those? Because every MINI is imbued with fantastic driving capabilities, power, and amazing handling. You simply cannot go